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the intramyometrial segment of the fallopian tube in a bicornuate uterus (2).
Otherwise, unicornuate or bicornuate uterus is seen during cesarean section with term or near term pregnancies without cervical cerclage in rare cases.
Even with the question of a bicornuate uterus on a recent CT scan and MRI, the idea of an abdominal or rudimentary horn pregnancy was not immediately entertained.
Barmat LI, Damario MA, Kowalik A, Kligman I, Davis OK, Rosenwaks Z Twin gestation occupying separate horns of a bicornuate uterus after in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.
In fact, she had a normal bicornuate uterus and had an intact fallopian tube remaining.
The mean incidence of bicornuate uterus in Mullerian duct anomalies is approximately 25%, and it is associated with abortion, preterm delivery and term delivery rates of 36%, 23% and 40.
Distinction between a septate uterus and either the didelphys or bicornuate uterus is important if infertility warrants surgical repair.
After her second loss, she was diagnosed with a bicornuate uterus, which restricts the space available for a baby to grow.
A bicornuate uterus is not associated with any increase in the prevalences of miscarriage and preterm labour.
The bicornuate uterus is caused by incomplete fusion of the uterovaginal horns at the level of the fundus and represents approximately 10% of mullerian duct anomalies.