musculus biceps femoris

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the biceps muscle of the thigh

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176, respectively; 2) 30 min after administration of 1 mL of 1 mol/L N-isopropyl oxamate injected in biceps femoris muscle, the concentration of N-isopropyl oxamate in blood was 0.
2009) Effects of eccentric strength training on biceps femoris muscle architecture and knee joint range of movement.
The long head of the biceps femoris muscle is considered to be the prime mover of hip extension and external rotation knee accessory.
The common peroneal nerve originates from the sciatic nerve, passes posteriorly and laterally to the biceps femoris muscle in the popliteal fossa, crosses the head of the fibula, and descends the lower leg.
Popliteal fossa (10) is a triangular area bounded by semitendinosus and semimembranosus tendons medially, biceps femoris muscle laterally and popliteal crease inferiorly.
A study compared jump height and EMG results, and found strong correlation between EMG activity of quadriceps muscle and jump height; and found weak correlation between jump height and biceps femoris muscle (Arpinar, Nalcakan, Akhisarlioglu, Kutlay, Kosay, 2003).
In the analysis of the biceps femoris muscle, the volunteers remained in supine position with a 45[degrees] knee flexion and hip lateral rotation.
It has been reported that via its attachment to the sacrotuberous ligament, the long head of the biceps femoris muscle is capable of influencing the motion or stability of the sacroiliac joint.
Also, have your doctor check for a tight biceps femoris muscle, which is associated with a lumbo-pelvic dysfunction.
2008) Acute effects of static versus dynamic stretching on isometric peak torque, electromyography, and mechanomyography of the biceps femoris muscle.
The lateral incision utilizes the internervous plane between the iliotibial band (ITB) and the biceps femoris muscle (Table 1, Fig.
Unusual presentation of an infected primary hyadatid cyst of biceps femoris muscle - Skeletal radiology/springer Berlin/ Heidelberg 0364-2348 (print) 1432-2161 (online) vol 31 number 10 / October 2002 case report--faculty of medicine, Gaziantep University, Radyoloji ABD, Kolejtep, Gazzi Turkey.
Biceps femoris muscle samples were removed from the drycured hams (Figure 1B) and were stored at -80[degrees]C till used for analyses of physicochemical composition, color, texture and sensory traits.
Three investigations did precisely identify the long head as the specific component of the biceps femoris muscle that was most frequently injured (De Smet and Best, 2000; Garrett et al.