musculus biceps femoris

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Synonyms for musculus biceps femoris

the biceps muscle of the thigh

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5 (a) Biceps femoris muscle weight (g) at gestation stage of German Angus 1.
This theory is based on an observed partial attachment of the long head of the biceps femoris muscle to the sacrotuberous ligament, which bridges the sacroiliac joint.
To prevent ACL injuries in females, increasing the strength of the biceps femoris muscle might help decrease the rate of noncontact ACL injuries.
However, it is not clearly known how freezing affects the quality of the salt-bicarbonate treated beef biceps femoris muscle.
In the articles reviewed, little discussion was found regarding possible reasons why the biceps femoris muscle appeared to be more commonly injured.
Our results indicate that the salt penetrates and is absorbed into the biceps femoris muscle of KNP breed faster than other ham breeds.
Chemical, cooking and textural properties of semimembranosus, semitendinosus and biceps femoris muscles of pork.
Needle electromyography (EMG) showed marked denervation potentials and a reduced recruitment pattern especially in the right tibialis anterior, peroneus longus and biceps femoris muscles.
In the electromyography (EMG), abnormal spontaneous activity and a reduced recruitment pattern of right tibialis anterior, peroneus longus, and biceps femoris muscles were detected.