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This contract consists of the provision of access to a multidisciplinary bibliographic database of scientific journal articles including advanced bibliometric features related to these publications.
a single search interface to the National Bibliographic Databases in both countries
This bibliographic database spans from 1968 to present and is updated on a weekly basis.
PADDI is a bibliographic database with some illustrations, not an image resource.
Two of these databases, the Bibliographic Database and the Manufacturers and Consultants Database, now can be searched online.
The Bibliographic Database stores thousand of articles dealing with onsite and small community wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and related topics.
The ITRD contains a bibliographic database of more than 300,000 informative abstracts on transportation research, economics, and policy literature in both OECD and non-OECD countries.
National Library of Medicine's (NLM) premier bibliographic database that contains more than 11 million references to journal articles in life sciences with a concentration on biomedicine.
Started in 1972 and updated every two weeks with over 1,400 records, the Rapra Abstracts database is the world's premier bibliographic database for the rubber, plastics and polymeric composites industries, and currently contains in excess of 670,000 records.
A search of Medline (the National Library of Medicine's bibliographic database of biomedical journals) from 1966 through mid-1999 located five reports of meningococcal supraglottitis: two from Colorado (2,4), one from Ohio (3), one from Singapore (5), and one from Helsinki, Finland (6).
An organization might choose, for instance, to store an Ovid bibliographic database like Medline or PsycINFO on its local server, and link from the citations and abstracts to full text journal articles in the 350+ title Journals@Ovid database via Ovid Online.
He has also tested it by querying and retrieving citations-in English or Japanese-from INSPEC, a British bibliographic database covering texts on physics, electronics, and computing.
Customized computer searches of the small flows bibliographic database also are available.
It accesses databases which span the chemical, engineering, life, medical, and physical sciences, including five Chemical Abstract Service databases and the National Library of Medicine bibliographic database Medline.
Known as IRIDESCENT (for Implicit Relationship IDEntification by in-Silico Construction of an Entity-Based Network from Text), the program allows full-scale automated analysis of records in MEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine's bibliographic database.
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