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Among all respondents, only 10% (n=7) reported having had any training in using an online bibliographic database.
I dream about a compiled and all-inclusive chemical bibliographic database, a universal chemical bibliographic database.
Bibliographic databases have been loaded on a local area network at the main campus in Pretoria since 1994, but use has been restricted to staff whose offices are on campus and to those students able to visit the campus.
The BioOne bibliographic database will be available on CSA's Internet Database Service.
Peer-reviewed research articles in these journals will join the rest of the citations to medical literature through indexing in the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) PubMed bibliographic database.
An organization might choose, for instance, to store an Ovid bibliographic database like Medline or PsycINFO on its local server, and link from the citations and abstracts to full text journal articles in the 350+ title Journals@Ovid database via Ovid Online.
TOXMAP also draws data from Data Bank and TOXLINE bibliographic database.
Many major serial collections are therefore not yet reflected in a national bibliographic database.
WELDASEARCH is a bibliographic database that contains abstracts of journal articles, research reports, books, standards, patents, theses, and special publications in the areas of joining metals, plastics, and ceramics; metal and ceramic spraying; thermal cutting; brazing; soldering; and related topics.
1 for Windows, a bibliographic database manager that automatically formats bibliographies, citations, and bibliographic footnotes.
In the medical world, this capability led to the development of MEDLINE, allowing libraries with terminals and modems to access that large bibliographic database.
com collects these citations and abstracts into a single bibliographic database and brings all of this information directly to the searcher's desktop.
1 for Windows, a bibliographic database manager that automatically formats bib liographies, citations, and bibliographic footnotes.
Every article found in PsycARTICLES is also indexed in PsycINFO, the American Psychological Association's psychology bibliographic database.
Global Books In Print is the only bibliographic database with more than 14 million book, audiobook, and video titles.
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