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Synonyms for citation

Synonyms for citation

an official award (as for bravery or service) usually given as formal public statement

(law) the act of citing (as of spoken words or written passages or legal precedents etc

a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage

a passage or expression that is quoted or cited

a summons that commands the appearance of a party at a proceeding

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For years, researchers have had to piece together scraps of bibliographic citations in a piecemeal fashion in order to access important literature that lay submerged in foreign, uncatalogued, or "underground" publications.
Authoritative, primary sources are used extensively and complete bibliographic citations, including Websites, are provided in reference lists.
Social Science Dissertations: Characteristics of bibliographic citations.
With every issue from 1880 to 1996 now available, Science Classic allows readers to access the PDF version of the full-text article, plus bibliographic citations, abstracts, and references.
All entries within the guide include complete bibliographic citations.
Parenthetical cues to bibliographic citations complement many entries, but some of those cues occasionally do not lead to citations (e.
The separate indexes of Handel's Works, Names, and Authors make it easy to find individual works, and, so far as I can determine, the bibliographic citations are accurate and the annotations eminently sensible.
While this cumbersome process yielded quite a few titles in the past, in 2008, for the first time, OCDU staff approached this task in a different way and searched federated discovery databases such as WorldCat--which contains bibliographic citations to the collections and services of more than 10 000 libraries worldwide--and The European Library network, a federated search service which covers the catalogues of 32 European national libraries.
Providing an authoritative and exhaustive reference, the three volumes catalog the fishes of Australia, with entries for each genus containing a drawing, description, and list of references, followed by sub-entries for each subgenus containing brief entries that include bibliographic citations, distribution, ecology, and data on the museums containing examples.
In addition, the Library is entering bibliographic citations for thousands of others into the Digital Accounting Collection, so the entire pamphlet collection will be accessible.
But this uncertainty, along with the lack of specific bibliographic citations, obscures the rationale behind some of the author's choices, specifically to use only one issue (November 1950) to support her conclusions about Tan Confessions.
This would be similar to the "book bag" feature of other digital library portals, which allows users to save and export lists of bibliographic citations.
As readers of this column know, the former ERIC/EECE Report has provided bibliographic citations, from the ERIC database, to documents and journal articles related to a particular topic.
Editorial constraints may have resulted in certain omissions--a note informing readers that the bibliographic citations for the checklist are not comprehensive appears on page 14--yet the absence in the bibliography of any publications after 1993 by the prolific Carmen Ravanelli Guidotti is most surprising given the proportion of Stein/PMA objects made in or associated with Faenza.
Section Three provides advice, with examples, on how to write bibliographic citations or footnote/endnote references for the materials listed in Sections One and Two.