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The more biblicist Swiss Brethren women generally carried a lower profile than did Spiritualist prophets such as Ursula Jost and Barbara Rebstock or Schwenckfeldian women.
If it were a matter of theology, surely biblicists would notice the problems.
It is this: biblicists start out claiming that the Bible is a divine revelation and should therefore govern both belief and behavior.
30) Thus the reviewer amended Prichard's pro-Celtic theory in such a manner as to controvert his Biblicist convictions while retaining Sanskrit's historical supremacy: 'The early ancestors of the copiously inflecting Hindoos and musical-tongued Greeks must once have jabbered an indigested interjectionary speech', stated the Eclectic Review, 'the language must have begun from a savage unformed state, and proceeded towards a certain perfection, developing itself in different countries by various methods and with various success.
Theologians, Biblicists, ethicists, priests, educators, along with the people, all gave shape to the movement.
Bovell, By Good and Necessary Consequence: A Preliminary Genealogy of Biblicist Foundationalism (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2009).
He found little in the black religious heritage important enough to influence or inform his unyielding biblicist and radical exclusivist perspectives.
The objection was raised by a Biblicist with a strong doctrine of the "Constantinian Fall of the Church.
Dipple problematizes this notion by showing that the Anabaptists' model was much more biblicist than primitivist.
The fact remains: Luther was no biblicist and no fundamentalist.
17) Given the Taborites biblicist enthusiasm, the communist practices of the early apostolic community was enough to warrant its imitation in Hussite Bohemia.
Through a variety of formative experiences in both high school and college, Buttry came to discover that his own Biblicist, evangelical faith, formed at both Wheaton and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, was calling him to an active ministry of peacemaking.