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Again, as literalists, biblicists want to banish ambiguity.
The prevailing theological climate remains conservative, with a strong biblicist current.
There is no doubt that many General Baptists did adopt Unitarian theology as a natural consequence of their strict biblicist reading of the scriptures.
4) In the end, the Marpeck Circle sought to hold together the Biblicist and the Spiritualist impulses and unite them with the sacramental principle.
Their notions of discipleship have been shaped largely by a biblicist, individualistic evangelical tradition.
Many of the "conservative" thinkers too, who engaged in philosophy from a more biblicist or traditional standpoint, deserve to be taken seriously.
Jeffrey presents Chaucer as a poet of faith, bearing a biblicist skepticism that enables him to demur from any over determined reading of history and to remain content with a "deferred understanding," and an acceptance of scriptural authority as providing what Jeffrey calls "an adequation of experience.
In his Parafrasis al Cantar de los Cantares, a synoptic version of the Song probably started in 1552, which fray Luis de Leon certainly read, the preeminent Spanish Biblicist Arias Montano, fray Luis' colleague and friend, also rendered tsammah as "cabellos.
Although Nigeria has a budding association of Nigerian biblicists, "biblicist" seems to me to be interpreted as someone who feels that "whatever is in the Bible is true".
The conservative, biblicist convictions of Pentecostalism were shaped during the fundamentalist-modernist controversies in the early decades of this century.
These strategies were grounded in the realities of who Southern Baptists were on the whole--conservative, biblicist, traditionalist Southerners--who might only be persuaded if a strong case was made from scripture, Baptist history, and an appeal to their sense of fairness and justice.
In chapter four Hodgkins moves to the Virginia colony to trace how the English established a color line, despite the initial biblicist and classicist thinking that made it possible not only for John Rolfe to marry the Powhatan princess Pocohontas but also for her to be compared with Rebecca in the Bible or Lavinia in the Aeneid.
By October 1523 the harmony was largely gone, replaced by public and private discord within the Zwinglian camp, pitting an impatient, populist and more literally biblicist faction against Zwingli's more theologically nuanced, conservative, elitist and centralized reform.
In The Challenges of Roger Williams, Byrd accurately assesses the centrality of Williams's biblicism and argues convincingly that, first and foremost, Williams was a biblicist.
This volume is essential for anyone interested in the rituals of the ancient world, and for the biblicist in particular it is a necessary tool for placing the biblical texts in their cultic context.