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of or pertaining to or contained in or in accordance with the Bible


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Do we say nothing and enable idolatry, greed, alcoholism and sexual immorality which is biblically defined as infidelity, same sex unions and sex outside of marriage.
All Christians should be biblically informed on the issue of immigration and emulate Jesus, who embraced and showed compassion to "the other.
Robert DeMaria's invites the reader to begin a Biblically based twelve month devotional journey to natural restorative health and wellbeing.
Barton addressed the Christians saying that they cannot drink Starbucks and be Biblically correct on marriages.
Politics and opinions aside, I still pray to God for peace in the Middle East for all concerned, even though wars and rumours of wars are biblically promised.
Despite the wisdom of our best theologians stating that there is no impediment to the ordination of women, and our common understanding that the gender restriction was culturally based and not biblically based: and despite the knowledge that women are genuinely called to the priesthood, and always have been, women still need permission?
She discusses Leininger's Theory of Culture Care, Purnell's Model for Cultural Competence, Campinha-Bacote's Process of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services and Biblically Based Model of Cultural Competence in the Delivery of Healthcare Services.
A problem with Dougherty's interpretation, however, is his attribution of a biblically driven ethic to the religious right.
The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs tells of the author's attempt to live the ultimate biblical life by searching the Bible for every rule, then living by them.
THOSE of the generation that lived through and remember the rip roaring, all action, history making, Biblically foretold 1940s, are without doubt, the last generation of Great Britons from the last decade of a truly Great Britain.
He urged parents to resume using traditional and biblically based names.
In spite of--perhaps because of--Beck's challenges, our constituency has grown, and more folks have become committed to biblically rooted social justice.
Breezy in places, flippant in some, profound in others, The Year of Living Biblically is a fun and moving study of the book that has shaped our world.
Initially believing the murderer to be a member of the medical profession, evidence now points toward a vigilante member of the clergy, exacting some sort of biblically based vengeance.
Our Biblically based programs offer Hope and Healing to patients of all faiths.