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the branch of theology that deals with principles of exegesis

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At a deeper level, what is at issue is not the moral question as to whether same-sex behavior is good or not, but the essential doctrinal issue of what methodology is acceptable in biblical interpretation and if it is applied consistently.
Observing that Hurston's work, like the work of numerous black women writers, contains full-length sermons, prayers, and other allusions to religion, Cannon stresses the need for womanist critiques of homiletics that challenge conventional biblical interpretations that characterize African American women as" 'sin bringing Eve,"wilderness-whimpering Hagar,"henpecking Jezebel,"whoring Gomer,"prostituting Mary-Magdalene,' and 'conspiring Sapphira.
We must simply acknowledge that our biblical interpretation emerges from our ethnic/gender/class identity and that no amount of critical sophistication can change this.
With integrity, grace, and academic moxie, the Harvard Divinity School professor devotes much of Sharing Her Word: Feminist Biblical Interpretation in Context to critiquing critics of her scholarship.
Stony the Road We Trod-African American Biblical Interpretation edited by Cain Hope Felder Fortress Press, July 1991, $20.
Howell's main purpose in studying biblical interpretation and the reception of Copernicus is to illustrate from the past the relation between science and religion.
Despite this surge of interest in Williams, at least one gap in the literature on him has remained: a closer look at Williams's biblical theology and the ways that he countered the arguments of the Puritan establishment with his own biblical interpretation.
Paul Levesque, who teaches comparative religion at a California State University, proposes methods for helping Christian students in a multicultural, multireligious context to analyze how varying methods of biblical interpretation and differing levels of tolerance for internal theological diversity impact religious views of homosexual behavior.
When Henry founded the magazine Christianity Today in 1956, he created a medium that would showcase evangelical news and biblical interpretation.
Levy, "they contain his own passion and intensity as well as a remarkable degree of his innovative biblical interpretation.
Students and staff from the Canadian colleges went to Taiwan for a consultation with students and staff of the Taiwanese colleges on biblical interpretation.
These reflections lead to the opening of some wider questions about what gets emphasized and what gets neglected in biblical interpretation, and why.
The playwright is also not attacking religion or faith in God, but seeking to explore whether it is certainty or doubt that is intellectually healthy, again, a timely question as religious liberals and fundamentalists debate issues concerning biblical interpretation, family life and war.
annulments, population control, stem-cell research), biblical interpretation and apologetics, and even spiritual counterfeits and the New Age movement.
Modern biblical interpretation helps correct past distortions and biases and allows for Christians to approach their Abrahamic brothers and sisters with respect and fairness.