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Synonyms for exegesis

Synonyms for exegesis

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an explanation or critical interpretation (especially of the Bible)

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In a different mode, Beed and Beed utilize the secondary interpretations of theologians, ethicists, and economists rather than biblical exegetes.
Surfacing these problems is one of the main tasks of biblical exegetes.
While the drift of Kidd's analysis emphasizes the latter statement, the former also held true at times in the writings of disparate biblical exegetes.
For centuries, the building and destruction of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem offered biblical exegetes ample material (sit venia verbo) for commentary on the physical reality and symbolic implications of ecclesiastical structures, and the authors draw upon a rich tradition as background to Manetti's thought.
Christ and Apollo prominently evokes such biblical exegetes as Augustine, John Cassian, Aquinas, and Hugh of St.
Several contributors lament the term "pre-critical" as applied to this period, as well as the tendency of biblical exegetes to behave as if nothing significant was said between the Bible itself and the appearance of our current array of critical methods.
From a wide field of available candidates she has selected the commentaries of biblical exegetes, John of Salisbury's Metalogicon, Peter Abelard's Historia and Sic et non, Andreas Capellanus's De amore, and Juan Ruiz's Libro de buen amor.
Biblical exegetes as well as church historians have rejected his "facts" as inaccurate and contrary to the evidence: "The thesis [takes] control of the exposition of the facts of history," notes one; and "history is being arranged to suit the thesis," says another, (3)
Agriculturalist, theologian, and biblical archaeologist Guillaume seeks to make biblical exegetes more familiar with ancient farming and its techniques by integrating some of the growing body of knowledge derived from economic studies of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.
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