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Synonyms for exegesis

Synonyms for exegesis

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an explanation or critical interpretation (especially of the Bible)

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But Rowland's lack of engagement with his own reading of Job will prevent readers from feeling that the "Allegory" reveals the "Original Stereotype" of Blake's biblical exegesis in any meaningful way (The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, 1988, 272).
Russell Davies, an adjunct professor of geosciences at the University of Texas, Dallas, says that biblical exegesis is "not a sound reason" to drill for oil.
Father Lynch's assertion that the "Christic imagination" may be fruitfully explored through a renaissance of interest in the patristic and medieval fourfold method of biblical exegesis (literal, allegorical, tropological, anagogical) stands in great need of theoretical testing and development.
Anderson's biblical exegesis is disconnected, bouncing from one colorful point to another, showing no acquaintance with the traditional theological or biblical commentaries, propping things up with quotations from deconstructionist populizers.
I do not mind my book being called theology, as long as it is also seen as psychology and historiography and, above all, biblical exegesis.
To read is to eat, to eat is to read-such is the oral obsession of the hermeneutic tradition, from the founders of biblical exegesis all the way up to Hans-Georg Gadamer's Verschmelzung, his attempt to assimilate and digest the texts he reads.
His effortless recall of details of biblical exegesis and Christian doctrine allowed him repeatedly to challenge existing interpretations, whether of Dante's Matelda or Michelangelo's Moses, and to propose new and convincing analyses.
In this long review, he tells us that "Wills slices through modern magisterial teaching on clerical celibacy, exclusion of women from the priesthood, the Immaculate Conception of Mary, papal infallibility, contraception, homosexuality, and abortion, unveiling a grand mosaic of official mendacity, twisted biblical exegesis, distorted historical facts, and outright prevarication.
Mel White's biblical exegesis has about as much legitimacy as that of Fred Phelps, whose obsession with hatred of homosexuals matches Mr.
The interrelationship of Latinate academic speculation and its vernacular versions, the problems inherent in the transmission of sophisticated scholastic ideas to a presumably extra-mural audience through the creation of a `vernacular theology' (and indeed, one might add, of a `vernacular philosophy'), the interaction of academic thought and issues of immediate contemporary political or ecclesiological relevance, the state of late medieval biblical exegesis, issues in the production, annotation and correction of books: these are only some of the many possible areas of enquiry highlighted by the sermons.
Yet, one must keep in mind that Christians in Stanton's time were not used to biblical exegesis, particularly coming from such a secular source as a committee of mostly lay women.
Furthermore, the negotiators did not have the background to understand Koresh's extended biblical exegesis ("One of the FBI negotiators admitted," write Tabor and Gallagher, "that some of them initially thought the Seven Seals of the book of Revelation, about which Koresh talked incessantly, were animals"), and they failed to consult with anyone who did.
weaves together biblical exegesis and contemporary social issues with a touch of poetry.
How do literary interpretation, biblical exegesis, and historical contextualization respond to these new theological overtures?
Reclaiming the image of a tree, Stevenson-Moessner envisions philosophical theology (including systematics) as the root system, historical theology (including biblical exegesis and church history) as the trunk, and practical theology as the branches and leaves.