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Synonyms for exegesis

Synonyms for exegesis

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an explanation or critical interpretation (especially of the Bible)

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Global Bible Commentary (Nashville, TN: Abingdon, 2004).
His special point of view is lacking in the Anchor Bible commentary of Mitchell Dahood, S.
Clear and concise, where a single word often suffices to summarize a statement or anticipate a question, Rashi's kuntres stands in stark incisive contrast to his Bible commentary.
The Columbia Theological Seminary professor turns his insightful skills toward the book of Kings, which is part of a new Bible commentary series from Smith & Helwys.
I think for ordinary people, the three that are the most helpful are the New Jerome Biblical Commentary (Prentice Hall, 1989), the Collegeville Bible Commentary (Liturgical Press, 1992), and Harper's Bible Commentary (Harper San Francisco, 1988).
Across the nation, in places like Olathe, 20 miles southwest of Kansas City, Christian bookstores have existed for decades, usually as small, husband-and-wife enterprises, geared to providing churches with Sunday school curriculum and the devout with the latest Bible commentary.
A similar, though much shorter, compendium in the United States is found in the Women's Bible Commentary (3rd edition, 2012).
Uriel Simon, Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies at Bar-Ilan University, masterfully addresses these and many other questions in this revised and expanded edition of the Hebrew original, which appeared as part of the series entitled Mikra Le-Yisra'el: A Bible Commentary for Israel, a scientific-historical commentary on the Tanakh.
Your gift will help provide new graduates from Zomba Theological College with a start-up library of resource books, including a Bible commentary, Bible dictionary, systematic theology book and counselling handbook.
com users can purchase access to additional content including The Apologetics Study Bible, The Holman Illustrated Study Bible, The Teacher's Bible Commentary, Word Pictures in the New Testament, The Holman Bible Atlas, Experiencing God, and much more.
Believers Church Bible Commentary 1, 2, 3 John" is the breakdown of the gospel from J.
The recently published Africa Bible Commentary (2006) also reflects this growing consciousness that African Christianity has much to offer the world of Christian scholarship.
For anyone specifically interested in the subject of German-Jewish Bible commentary, Bechtholdt's book will become a trusty companion.
Critics charged Elliott with "liberalism" because he utilized modern critical scholarship instead of literally interpreting the first eleven chapters of Genesis in his volume The Message of Genesis in the Broadman Bible Commentary series.