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The last word will be, appropriately, from the final verse of the last book in the Bible, the Book of Revelation, which ends with a simple word: Amen.
Willmington, Dean of the Willmington School of the Bible, The Strand Study Bible by Brad Strand is not only on the cutting edge, it is the cutting edge of Study Bibles.
The most popular modern-English translation of the Bible, the NIV has more than 400 million copies in print worldwide.
The volume begins with several readable essays -- on ways of studying the Bible, the biblical books and their literary genres, and the nature of the canon -- each conveying contemporary scholarly insights at a very accessible level.
The WatchWORD Bible, The New Testament on DVD, arrives today as a Christian response to the theatrical release of The Da Vinci Code.
com users can purchase access to additional content including The Apologetics Study Bible, The Holman Illustrated Study Bible, The Teacher's Bible Commentary, Word Pictures in the New Testament, The Holman Bible Atlas, Experiencing God, and much more.