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The more one reads the Bible, the more one wants to read the Bible - in its entirety - wanting to know more about God and how the Old Testament is a preparation for the New Testament.
Compton's is the first to publish a multimedia NIV Bible, the Bible translation that uses more contemporary, easier-to-read language than the traditional King James version.
Willmington, Dean of the Willmington School of the Bible, The Strand Study Bible by Brad Strand is not only on the cutting edge, it is the cutting edge of Study Bibles.
Benedictine monks in Minnesota have teamed up with calligraphers at a scriptorium in Wales to create the Saint John's Bible, the first Bible to be written and illustrated entirely by hand in more than 500 years.
The volume begins with several readable essays -- on ways of studying the Bible, the biblical books and their literary genres, and the nature of the canon -- each conveying contemporary scholarly insights at a very accessible level.