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lettuce with relatively crisp leaves

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Bibbs embarked on an effort to increase meaningful use of our Patient Portal.
The BIBBs also recognize that, since BACnet is a network protocol, the capabilities of BACnet are used in interoperable pairs of A-side and B-side, which need to implement the two sides of the communication.
A BIBB is actually a miniature standard, so the BIBBs themselves don't reveal much.
Bibbs graduated from Douglas Byrd Senior High School in Fayetteville, N.
Bibbs is an artist who achieved success in the mid-1980s for his poetic figures that seem to sway to their own spiritual melodies.
Jim Bibbs taught us the following starting techniques:
Jeb Bush, who came up with the voucher plan, intervened and asked Bibbs officials to take the students back.
On Sunday, November 12, 2006 from 1:00PM - 7:00PM, Charles Bibbs will sign his works at Monica's Art Noire Gallery in South Orange, NJ.
The faucets in a home's kitchen, bathrooms, laundry areas and exterior hose bibbs provide what is known as "potable water.