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made up of or involving or acting on behalf of various races

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I submit there is no such thing as a bi-racial or multi-racial or mixed-racial person based on genetics 101.
Table 1 Participants' Self-reported Contact with Social Groups by Racial/Ethnic Group Race/ Ethnicity Euro- African Asian of Participoants Hispanic American American American Hispanic (n =19) 18 10 9 11 Euro-Americans 11 6 4 7 (n = 13) African Americans 2 2 2 2 (n =3) Asian Americans 1 1 0 2 (n = 2) Bi-racial (n = 6) 4 3 0 4 Race/ Ethnicity Native of Participoants American Low-income Immigrants Hispanic (n =19) 3 13 7 Euro-Americans 0 3 4 (n = 13) African Americans 0 3 2 (n =3) Asian Americans 0 0 1 (n = 2) Bi-racial (n = 6) 0 2 1
Another problematic view is that bi-racial people, especially those who are part Japanese and part Caucasian are regarded as beautiful by the Japanese.
As a bi-racial couple in a country governed by strict laws of racial segregation, Valerie and Johan's love affair was clandestine.
com, the reality star discussed preparing for motherhood, including what she plans to teach her bi-racial baby about race, the Huffington Post reported.
LaTulippe is of bi-racial ancestry, African American and white.
In fact, it was this memory of bi-racial democracy that preserved his allegiance to the American experiment, however strained, in the trials of anticommunism.
But as a bi-racial Muslim woman, I can't ignore the ways that different socially constructed categories, such as gender and race, interact and interrelate.
For Mona Faisal AlGurg, being of Danish and Emirati descent, her own experiences in being bi-racial in the UAE has set her apart in her own community.
The social diversity perspective derived from Rodney Hero's work suggests that a city's social profile (whether homogenous, bi-racial or multiracial) influences how identity politics will play out.
The daughter of a Danish mother and African-American father, Durrow gives voice to Rachel, the main character in the story, who is of the same bi-racial heritage.
Bi-racial identity: Children born to African-American and white couples.
As Barack Obama stands precariously yet hopefully on the threshold of becoming President of the United States, the combination of the uncertainty of his position and his bi-racial persona mirrors our context.
Weston dreamed up the main character, Gabriel, a bi-racial teenage ghost who fights the evil of bigotry in New Orleans.
A work of impressive and seminal scholarship by truly knowledgeable academics and activists, ""Segregation: The Rising Costs For America" is a core addition to professional and academic library collections, and a highly recommended addition to social activist and student reading lists with respect to contemporary race relations in America--especially when progress appears to have been made with the political phenomena of bi-racial African-American Barack Obama becoming the nominee of a major political party to seek the presidency of the United States.