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made up of or involving or acting on behalf of various races

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Mainly for males, shaving all the hair off and using extensive lightening creme can make African-Americans and Bi-racial more attractive to Caucasians.
Also, in order that the chart be applicable to all ADP bi-racial and multi-racial identity disorder was deliberately left off.
Create bi-racial organizations and groups that host events frequently to "break the ice.
But Hall just assembled another bunch of players (this time a bi-racial group), and tiny Muscle Shoals became home to two major hit-making operations.
No one uttered a caring word about the victim--a brave, bi-racial young man who, abandoned by his parents, had grown up abused in foster homes.
She later discovers that she is mixed race and her bi-racial heritage proves a tumultuous impact on her future.
He didn't choose to be bi-racial nor did he ask to be born with birth defects.
0%) * The term "Other" includes self-reported bi-racial, Hispanic, or Asian ethnicity.
On the other hand, in the beginning of the twentieth century, bi-racial children seemed to be the targets of social ridicule and prejudice.
The powerful cultural meanings of kinship and lineage and funeral rights, across both essays, give this real and literary practice its rhetorical power, and Durrow's use of these motifs reveal her very personal search for self, as a bi-racial woman, within this literary tradition.
com, the reality star discussed preparing for motherhood, including what she plans to teach her bi-racial baby about race, the Huffington Post reported.
The writer has a bi-racial heritage as the daughter of a black mother, who was a social worker, and a white father, who is a professor and a poet.
Kerwin C, Ponterotto JG, Jackson BL and Harris A, 'Racial identity in bi-racial children: a qualitative investigation', Journal of Counseling Psychology 40:2, pp 221-31, 1993
the lady said she was bi-racial what she meant was not coloured.
But as a bi-racial Muslim woman, I can't ignore the ways that different socially constructed categories, such as gender and race, interact and interrelate.