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made up of or involving or acting on behalf of various races

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La regulacion requeria que un comite bi-racial de cinco miembros blancos y cinco negros supervisara las decisiones sobre la clausura y construccion de escuelas.
Panelist E: The final panelist was unique, a White single parent of two adopted children--one African American and one bi-racial (White and African American) child.
Essentially there were two phases of this three hundred year plus apartheid social structure where Indians constituted something of a third race in a bi-racial society.
Weston dreamed up the main character, Gabriel, a bi-racial teenage ghost who fights the evil of bigotry in New Orleans.
The authors suggest that there is a significant increase in the number of consumers who are identifying themselves as bi-racial or multi-racial, and that with the blurring of races and cultures, there is a need to examine the important role that ethnicity can play in target marketing.
The maternalist politics and call for a welfare state that defined this culture emerged from a bi-racial coalition of activists during and after the Civil War.
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Bi-racial writer/director Eric Byler grew up in Hawaii, Virginia, and California before graduating from Wesleyan University in Connecticut.
A key element of each Friday night gathering is its social diversity; the men participating in this bi-racial group come from various class positions and geographical locations.
Kelly argues that there were two reasons for this: an inflexible bi-racial "caste system" in which operators alternated between hinting at ethnic whiteness while treating immigrants like Blacks, and the unwillingness of immigrants to remain in Alabama when better opportunities appeared elsewhere.
Sylvia Olsen raised her bi-racial children on a First Nation reserve on Vancouver Island.
Many of my bi-racial students have expressed frustration at continuously being lumped into one group or another.
Robert Campbell, the single Black founding member of NTA, taught at the Philadelphia Institute for Colored Children, which educated Black, bi-racial, and American Indian children.
Since then the bi-racial (half African American, half Italian American) actor has gone on to boost his star standing and bank balance with the sci-fi XxX series.
With new members from the Latina, Asian, Pacific Islander, bi-racial and black communities, this year's cast is the most diverse in DKSG's history.
To begin with, the first author met with a focus group of six young adult men [five White, one bi-racial who averaged 26.