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having two poles


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This trend away from bi-polarity implies homogenisation at some central point.
The axis of the cultural grid, "Hellene" and "barbarian," are no longer the fixed ethnic designations of Polybius's Hellenic forebearers (from Herodotus to Aristotle), but represent a Hellenistic bi-polarity of reasoned civility (logismos) and irrational savagery between which the "collectivities" of Rome and Greece (Aetolians, Achaeans, Macedonians) oscillate.
This bi-polarity gradually gained ground after the foundation of the FP, which with Erbakan banned, was placed under the control of an Erbakan protege, Recai Kutan.
Bi-polarity is a term used to describe the intense politico-strategic competition between the United States -as a superpower in the Western hemisphere and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics) in the eastern hemisphere which after Bolshevik revolution took the onus of spreading Communism globally.