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having two poles


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The axis of the cultural grid, "Hellene" and "barbarian," are no longer the fixed ethnic designations of Polybius's Hellenic forebearers (from Herodotus to Aristotle), but represent a Hellenistic bi-polarity of reasoned civility (logismos) and irrational savagery between which the "collectivities" of Rome and Greece (Aetolians, Achaeans, Macedonians) oscillate.
This bi-polarity gradually gained ground after the foundation of the FP, which with Erbakan banned, was placed under the control of an Erbakan protege, Recai Kutan.
A newly integrated power supply has built in bi-polarity which allows for both heating and cooling and a temperature control range from 1.
Bi-polarity is a term used to describe the intense politico-strategic competition between the United States -as a superpower in the Western hemisphere and the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics) in the eastern hemisphere which after Bolshevik revolution took the onus of spreading Communism globally.