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Strapped to a vintage Boeing Stearman bi-plane, Tom has crossed the English Channel four times and flown over Gibraltar.
A homemade bi-plane owned and piloted by Daroish Kraidy, 53, was reported missing near the area where the fishing boat hauled the wreckage.
Universal Hospital, a new 140 multi-specialty, tertiary care facility located at Airport Road, Abu Dhabi, will offer ADNIC customers services in a broad range of areas, most notably in its Neurology department which is equipped with an Autonomic Lab, Stroke Centre, Epilepsy Clinic and many other specialties not currently present in the Abu Dhabi market and in its Cardio-Thoracic department, which features a bi-plane interventional cardiology suite, according to a press release.
Persons likens the Microraptor's wing configuration to a bi-plane.
Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc announced on Sunday that it will showcase its Infinix-i bi-plane angiography system at the 2013 American College of Cardiology (ACC) annual meeting in San Francisco, being held from 9 March 2013 to 11 March 2013.
The Astra VXR also has a unique bi-plane rear window spoiler, with a carefully designed small wing exerting downforce over the more familiar spoiler on the back window.
A dizzying motorcycle chase through the winding alleys of a Moroccan marketplace is accomplished in a single take and Captain Haddock's penchant for booze provides the hilarious spark for an explosive bi-plane flight.
Sharing the mount are IJF president the Princess Royal and Lisa Hancock, Richardson's successor, who carries a Lester from the awards event he loves to attend, while Oaksey House stands proudly in the background as a monument to the scheme's great organiser, and a bi-plane, representing another of his bright ideas, the Flying Physios, flies overhead.
Sneum twice escaped Nazi clutches, first leaving Nazi occupied Denmark in a "beat-up old Hornet Moth bi-plane.
All we need to do is work out the best configuration; a foil-borne bi-plane cat or trimaran, or a foil-borne, wing-masted, tilted bi-plane something .
A 1930s bi-plane crashed into hay bales tonight after being forced to make an emergency landing in a field, police said.
Proving corporate sponsorship is nothing new, the soda was raised to effervescent elevation by Calbraith Perry Rodgers, the first man to successfully fly from New York to California in a then-record 49 days, when he christened his bi-plane "The Vin Fiz" to help launch Armour's new soft drink.
Two stunning miniature sequences--and the special effects hold up today--are the Zeppelin attack on London and the bombing of a German munition depot with a twin-engine bi-plane bomber.
Lavy, CFCM, presents the speaking award (wooden bi-plane with engraved plate) to Walch.
s Kitty Hawk fan, in pewter, features a unique bi-plane wing blade design and propeller-shaped glass that's ready for takeoff.