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A homemade bi-plane owned and piloted by Daroish Kraidy, 53, was reported missing near the area where the fishing boat hauled the wreckage.
The side skirts and bi-plane spoiler as well as 20-inch alloys are part of the pounds 995 Aero Pack, but most early buyers have specified this.
A bi-plane with working rotor and "2012" marked on the cockpit.
A dizzying motorcycle chase through the winding alleys of a Moroccan marketplace is accomplished in a single take and Captain Haddock's penchant for booze provides the hilarious spark for an explosive bi-plane flight.
DAREDEVIL A wing-walker does a handstand BEACH BOMB An early bi-plane over the strand SOUND BARRIER Kids cover their ears LOOKING UP Getting a better look at the action RESCUE A Navy helicopter pulls a man from the choppy seas ROAR POWER The F16 jet soars into the sky above Portrush yesterday
Sharing the mount are IJF president the Princess Royal and Lisa Hancock, Richardson's successor, who carries a Lester from the awards event he loves to attend, while Oaksey House stands proudly in the background as a monument to the scheme's great organiser, and a bi-plane, representing another of his bright ideas, the Flying Physios, flies overhead.
All we need to do is work out the best configuration; a foil-borne bi-plane cat or trimaran, or a foil-borne, wing-masted, tilted bi-plane something .
During his mission to find out what life was like for his grandfather and his squadron, fighting in planes over the fields of the Western Front, Phil heads to Yorkshire where enthusiasts are building a Sop with Camel bi-plane from original blueprints.
Sneum twice escaped Nazi clutches, first leaving Nazi occupied Denmark in a "beat-up old Hornet Moth bi-plane.
A 1930s bi-plane crashed into hay bales tonight after being forced to make an emergency landing in a field, police said.
Tiger Airways takes its name from the 1930s vintage bi-plane the Tiger Moth.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Flat Panel Detector Bi-Plane Cardiac Catheterization System
Do any readers remember a bi-plane which made a forced landing either during WW2 or just after off the Pennyfine Road near Sunniside, Gateshead?
SO SMOOTH: The Utterly Butterly bi-plane at the air show in 1998 |
I feel like I've climbed out of a bi-plane and into a spaceship" - Jeremy Clarkson on the news that he and his former BBC Top Gear team are to front a new show on Amazon Prime.