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supported by both sides

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Perhaps, at some point in the future, there may be agreement for a three member bi-partisan board similar to the NCUA.
The bi-partisan group of mayors met with members of the House and Senate as well as Education Secretary Roderick R.
The Westminster cross-party pressure group, Friends of Ireland: Friends of the Good Friday Agreement, claimed shadow Ulster Secretary Mr Andrew Mackay was planning to announce the ending of the bi-partisan approach in his keynote speech on Thursday to the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool.
Reporting on fear and loathing in an airline industry scared to death by a bi-partisan push for deregulation, Fortune, in August 1977, wrote that the airlines believed deregulation "would be catastrophic," resulting in "less frequent and dependable service, less comfort for passengers, and, eventually, slimmer margins of safety.
This bill recently passed the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization on a bi-partisan 12-0 vote.
Some experts, including the Bi-partisan Council on Crime in America, chaired by William Bennett and former Attorney General Griffin Bell, warn that the current decrease in crime is a lull before the explosion of a demographic storm.
In years past the Energy Title has been hailed as bi-partisan 'landmark legislation.
A bi-partisan group of Senators led by Lindsey Graham (R) and Dick Durbin (D) came up with a bi-partisan DACA solution as well as a bi-partisan solution to border security.
Senator Farhatullah Babar said that the President during talk with Altaf Hussain also appreciated the efforts made by all political parties including MQM, whether in the government or the opposition, for their positive contributions in the bi-partisan Parliamentary Committee on election reforms to ensure free and fair elections in the country under the auspices of an independent and empowered Election Commission.
This bi-partisan legislation would order the Secretary of Treasury to analyze the exchange rate policies of the People's Republic of China to determine whether the country manipulates the rate of exchange between the Yuan and U.
Our program has received steady bi-partisan support from Congress over the years, reflecting the genuine concern that our legislators and their constituents have about the global landmine problem, and I want to extend to them our sincere appreciation.
However, despite much bi-partisan support, the tax credit is now threatened with elimination under the current federal budget plan.
concluded months of negotiations on provisions to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act and succeeded in developing a proposal that now has bi-partisan support.
We applaud the committee for offering bi-partisan support for our plan," said Rep.
Quinn and confirmed last summer by the Illinois Senate with strong bi-partisan support, Rowell was entrusted with three goals: turn the IDES into the state s employment office; assist families facing economic hardship; and advocate for taxpayers by correcting waste, fraud and abuse.