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The significance of this vote lies in the fact that, on a consistent basis, a large bi-partisan majority of House members intuitively recognize that the Davis-Bacon Act provides value by ensuring efficient work that is performed safely, while preserving pathways to the middle class for America's construction workforce.
The bi-partisan committee, constituted on July 25, has been tasked to "evaluate the shortcomings of the previous electoral process and make recommendations to hold free, fair and transparent elections" in the future.
The Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions said it will now turn its focus to building the co-sponsor list for the bi-partisan No Knives Act of 2013, H.
2212, which is bi-partisan legislation that requires countervailing duty laws to apply to NMEs.
Reporting on fear and loathing in an airline industry scared to death by a bi-partisan push for deregulation, Fortune, in August 1977, wrote that the airlines believed deregulation "would be catastrophic," resulting in "less frequent and dependable service, less comfort for passengers, and, eventually, slimmer margins of safety.
This bill recently passed the Assembly Committee on Governmental Organization on a bi-partisan 12-0 vote.
Some experts, including the Bi-partisan Council on Crime in America, chaired by William Bennett and former Attorney General Griffin Bell, warn that the current decrease in crime is a lull before the explosion of a demographic storm.
Bill Passes with Overwhelming Bi-Partisan Support: 421 to 1
North America's Building Trades Unions are pleased that a bi-partisan majority of the U.
However, despite much bi-partisan support, the tax credit is now threatened with elimination under the current federal budget plan.
concluded months of negotiations on provisions to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act and succeeded in developing a proposal that now has bi-partisan support.
com is bi-partisan network and is free for anyone to join.
Statement of Terry O'Sullivan, General President of LIUNA, on Bi-Partisan Legislation to Adjust the Gas Tax and Protect the Highway Trust Fund
Under the proposal, designed by the Brooklyn Sports Foundation, a broad-based, bi-partisan coalition of civic, community and business leaders, construction would be financed by a 30-year bond issue by the Dormitory Authority, with initial payments deferred until Fiscal Year 2001, two years after the proposed completion of the facility.
Firm Will Provide Support for Unprecedented Bi-Partisan Health Care Conference