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Synonyms for bimetal

material made by bonding together sheets of two different metals

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formed of two different metals or alloys


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In 2014, China's output of sawing machine fell for three consecutive years to about 50,480 sets, and the sales volume of corresponding bi-metal band saw blade approximated 48.
In order to realize high efficiency and excellent color properties, efforts have been made in the lighting industry to develop a ceramic lamp that can start on probe-start systems (Ramaiah and others 2004), with a dual feed-through ceramic arc tube that makes a starting electrode and bi-metal switch possible.
The modulated elements are produced adapted to the shape and dimension of the active areas and are made in bi-metal variant, that is from tenacios steel type S 335 JR-EN 1.
Despite the fact that only 400 will be built annually and it is the first mass produced model to boast a bi-metal hybrid steel and aluminium body shell, it does not have the overwhelming "wow" factor of the Audi R8 V10.
The company claims a long service life for the extruder because of its tungsten carbide bi-metal coating on both screw and barrel.
Simonds International's new IC Enduro Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades can endure tough bundle cutting applications or saw large cross-section structurals, while avoiding blade pinching through the cut.
Other features include 24 VAC controls, bi-metal blade with shutoff for broken blade or low tension, blade drive load monitor, and coolant system.
2 billion carbonated and noncarbonated drinks in aluminum, glass, plastic and bi-metal containers last year.
AMG has distinguished itself as a recycler of bi-metal cans, which are still used extensively in Europe.
That product was very successful, and we started to refine it," he said, pointing to the rise of new instant-read technology that transformed a thermometer market dominated by older bi-metal and mercury thermometers.
Kadant granted patent on bi-metal blade technology.
Typical linepipe package systems supplied include the following: Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA Linepipe Packages): Bi-Metal Mechanically Bonded Lined Pipe: Metallurgically Clad Linepipe Packages: Carbon Steel Linepipe and Pipework Packages.
A very well made bi-metal badge, note the `Zimbabwe bird' which replaced the crown and the resemblance to Royal Engineers badge.
Government has announced a tender for bi-metal (Copper/Nickel) One Balboa, Silver Ten Balboa and Gold 100 Balboa Coins.