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reactive or functioning or allowing movement in two usually opposite directions

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Ethernet/Serial Device Connectivity - provides bi-directional communication with any open-protocol system or device via Ethernet (TCP, UDP, Telnet and ICMP protocols) or a serial port (RS-232, RS-422, RS485).
E[acute accent]Automated, bi-directional incident exchange service
And, the bi-directional capability we've implemented will enhance productivity for both the pharmacy and the doctor's office and be a new source of revenue for Zix because of contractual script fees paid by SureScripts.
According to ARC Research Director Craig Resnick, "The bi-directional xCoupler enterprise transaction modules fulfill a clear need for simple and secure data exchange between the plant floor and the enterprise.
Unify NXJ Composer eases the transition to J2EE by offering bi-directional data synchronization between the Notes files and relational databases, significantly reducing migration risk for the organization.
The fact that we shipped over 1 million Bi-Directional transceivers in the last two years indicates the high quality and reliability of our product line," said Zhangyong Huang, President of NeoPhotonics China (formerly Photon Technology Co.
Avago's ACSL-6410 multi-channel optocoupler is an excellent choice for a wide range of multi-directional or bi-directional applications:
These bi-directional transceivers extend our line of SFF & SFP transceivers for Fast and Gigabit Ethernet in FTTH applications," said Tim Jenks, CEO of NeoPhotonics.
In-Stock Bi-Directional RF Amplifiers Operating Up to 3 GHz Available from Pasternack
Experienced physician managers realize they must be fluent in bi-directional communication.
Reducing cycle time without compromising effectiveness, the Wheelabrator[R] bi-directional EZEFIT[TM] wheel uses the shared knowledge and resources of International Surface Preparation Group, Inc.
Each device supports a combination of up to 32 drivers and receivers on a single bus enabling bi-directional communications over a single twisted-pair cable.
The answer lies in a powerful technology known as bi-directional heterogeneous data replication.