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Synonyms for bicentennial

the 200th anniversary (or the celebration of it)

of or relating to or completing a period of 200 years


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4) Rather than simply viewing "memory sites" as physical or empirical sites, I follow Nora's conceptual framework and analyse the 1938 bi-centennial celebration itself as a lieu de memoire.
41, 'The Great South Land' was published jointly with the Library Council of Victoria as a catalogue to accompany the Library's bi-centennial exhibition of the same name.
The monument will be erected in this bi-centennial year of the abolition of the slave trade in Britain.
Details on the Stoneleigh Abbey events marking the Jane Austen 2006 Bi-centennial are available from the organisers, telephone 01926 858535/858585.
1988 - bi-centennial celebrations and for the first time a united public holiday on January 26 across the nation.
They are: one silver coin and two bronze coins from the 25th De Beers Diamond Research conference 1975; seven Treasures of the Aztecs medals; one gold medallion, one gold plated sterling silver and one sterling silver featuring the Churchill Centenaryportrait; one coin of unknown metal from the United States Bi-Centennial visit of July 1976; one Winnie the Pooh medal and a hand enamelled five shilling Balliwick of Jersey 1066-1966 medallion.
With 16 points awarded for a win, the visitors were assured of success before Darley booted home Astana in the Western Indian Racing Bi-centennial Trophy.
The Endeavour was built in Freemantle to mark Australia's bi-centennial in 1988.
And now, to celebrate the bi-centennial of national bard Robert Burns, he has created life- sized head and shoulder plaques of the poet which are now selling like hot-cakes at pounds 30 a time, which he is sending to the BHF.
Of course, Cleveland is not celebrating its centennial this year; it's celebrating it's bi-centennial.
He was also active on the West Boylston Building Committee and the West Boylston Bi-Centennial Parade Committee.
Some pounds 35,000 of free legal work for charities and good causes is part of the firm's bi-centennial celebrations.
1) It was during one of these stops that a commemorative silver bi-centennial anniversary Loyalists' coin, local value of one dollar, circulated by the Belleville Chamber of Commerce, was included in my change.
After shipping it home, via the Panama Canal, it was sent on to Australia as part of the country's bi-centennial celebrations in 1988.