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one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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Bhudda recorded the highly-anticipated track at Colorado Sound where other music greats with gold and platinum albums have laid their vocals in the digital cement.
The Taliban regime has started annihilating all statues in Afghanistan, including the famous fifth-century twin figures of Bhudda in Bamiyan Province, following leader Mullah Mohammad Umer's declaration Monday that they are offensive to Islam, Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) and local media reported Thursday.
The cult is led by a former French racing driver, journalist and singer Claude Vorilhon who says he met Jesus, Bhudda and Mohammed while abducted by aliens.
He is probably miffed at the Tartan Army because they booed him off the stage at the Bhudda Bar in Paris in 1998.
She is so serene that she comes across a bit like like someone who has found God, except that she has Bhudda.
The Hazaras are believed to be the descendants of Kushans who, in the sixth century, built giant Bhuddas of Bamiyan in Hazarajat of central Afghanistan.