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Synonyms for okra

long green edible beaked pods of the okra plant

tall coarse annual of Old World tropics widely cultivated in southern United States and West Indies for its long mucilaginous green pods used as basis for soups and stews

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To serve: Place bhindi do plaza in the container of a tiffin box.
Indian side dishes typically ordered in a restaurant or take away % consumer--based on those who eat out or take away Bombay Potatoes 32 Mushroom Bhajis 21 Saag Aloo 18 Veg Curry 17 Aloo Gobi 13 Bhindi Bhaji 11 Cauliflower Bhaji 10 Tarka Dhal 10 Saag Paneer 7 Aloo Matar 7 Matar Paneer 6 Aubergine Curry 5 Aloo Methi 5 None 37 Source: Patak's U&A Sept 03 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Bhindi,a seven-year-oldbitch, won the open bitch class, the veteran bitch class,and also won best of her sex.
LIMELIGHT: Cherie Blair, with a Hindu bhindi mark on her forehead, joins children for lunch at the Christel House orphanage in Bangalore; Picture: REUTERS; SCARRED: Attacked with acid
Songs such as Johnny Appleseed and Bhindi Bhagee are little masterpieces of social commentary putting Blur's Parklife to shame.
Cut the bhindi into one inch rounds, heat the oil, add sliced onions, cook until soft, then add the sliced tomato.
Whether or not these hybrid speech genres are a species of African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) or something like Bombay Bazaar Hindi-English (BBHE), whether the grammatical structure of "Ain't nobody sing like Chaka Khan" comes from the Niger-Congo Basin, or the rhetorical particularity of "Miss Pushpa is smiling and smiling/ even for no reason" can be traced back to Hindi speech patterns common to Bombay's Bhindi Bazaar, the world of these utterances cannot be reduced to the description of speech as an "object" of linguistic study or a functionalist form of verbal communication without doing violence to the living tongue.
Definitely try the khatu bhindi (ladyfinger) and the khatu prawns.
Fleshner, MD, MPH, FRCSC (corresponding author), Bimal Bhindi, MD
The highlight, however, was the tadkeywali bhindi - which may well turn out to be one of the best versions of the ladyfinger you'll ever have
It's a pity that the Indian kitchen doesn't serve kebabs ( the hotel could have put the five years that Chennam spent under Imtiaz Qureishi's wings to better use), but its tadkewali bhindi ( cooked in coldpressed kasundi sourced from Kolkata), Purani Dilli ki Murghi, Mutton Nehari and dum b iryani made with sella ( parboiled) rice, which I thought was a nifty diversion from the standard basmati.
Tadka Dal, Kali Dal, Alloo Jeera or Bhindi and I eat garlic parathan, or butter parathan along with it.
We begin with an interesting mix of starters - samosas, aloo papdi cht (traditional Indian snacks), kur kuri bhindi (a crispy ladies finger made from gram flour and chat masala), murgh kathi roll (a roomali roti wrap of chicken, mushroom, onion and pickled mango chutney) and some 'homemade kusmakar' salad of sprouts, cucumber, roasted cumin, chat masala, tomato and lemon.
factfile | The bill came to PS70 | Veggies may like Bhindi bamiya: okra with fried onions, garlic and ginger sauce | Meat lovers would devour the mixed grill | The cheapest wine costs PS12.
Bodies of two children also fished out near Kacho Bhindi near Ghotki.