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an entrance that can be closed by a gate

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Fast ReRoute Technique in BGP with Secure Route Reliability Testing algorithm", International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS), June 2013.
When BGP selected G3i for immediate use for their project in Western China, we leveraged our manufacturing capabilities in Calgary to produce and deliver the system quickly.
Implementation of the ZebOS Internet Route Server supports instantiation of a BGP view for multiple clients that will allow network operators to easily group their BGP peers based on their actual requirements and assign unified policies for both inbound and outbound traffic.
Likewise, Mr Pemberton outlined the positive effects of theBGP experience for Tuffin Ferraby Taylor and his own personal development: "Prior to BGP, my time was mainly spent on fee-generation with very little time to plan for the future," he said.
According to Cranfield, participants in the BGP come from across the UK and from 'all walks of business life--hi-tech, lo-tech and even no-tech'.
Ned McClain, director of infrastructure engineering, notes that the company's engineers adjust the BGP tables daily to maintain optimal connectivity to the Internet for customers whose applications they have developed and host.
According to an FPPC report, Paparian voted with the authority on May 2, 1994, to hire BGP Associates to provide program management and conceptual planning for the airport's proposed terminal expansion project.
By hijacking these BGP translations, attackers can drive unsuspecting surfers and corporate users to malicious sites, making large parts of the 'Net largely useless or insecure.
Fully programmable OpenFlow data planes now available with 10G, 40G and 100G SDN BGP Routing pipelines
This upgrade helps utilize 10 times more 10Gbps uplink with BGP confederation which ensures 100% core network uptime that allow users to experience a fast and reliable network through a dedicated server.
G3i was initially field tested in November of 2011 and later in February of this year for High Productivity Vibroseis techniques in an oilfield in western China by BGP, the largest land geophysical contractor in the world.
Routing within an AS is handled by an Interior Gateway Protocol (an IGP such as OSPF or IS-IS, or in many cases, especially backbones, Interior BGP, or IBGP), but this routing information is not visible outside the AS.
Apple is a natural partner,'' said Lovester Law, BGP vice president of marketing.
When AIT first evaluated Stonesoft, we specifically calculated the StoneGate solution compared to other similar alternatives, such as BGP and our existing frame connection," said Caleb Wilson, Senior Network Engineer for AIT Worldwide Logistics.