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The recent studies on BGDs are predominantly based on endoscopy findings and epidemiological data.
A comparison between Tables 4 and 6 shows that the average viability of the CRD accession under all of the storage conditions was less than that of BGD.
L] = 0 shows no significant differences between different levels of Background Density of light patterns (BGD) and the results are not significantly different in BGD levels, therefore these data were excluded from the correlation analysis.
The numbers 274 could be a part of the interior of the six-pointed star or the letters BGD could be inserted (274=BGD; 2=B, 7=G, 4=D).
Total consumptive use of freshwater is estimated to have been about 100 bgd during 1995, or six percent more than during 1990.
Only 4 letters bgd are on the seals CAI 54a and 82; the same letters are preceded by l- on the seal CAI 60.
BGD has become an epidemic, affecting millions of Americans each year.
BGD 94, Ceyhan Belediye 63; and Homend Antakya Belediyesi 50, Tarsus Belediye 68.
BGD provided Anne with plenty of advice, including drafting a strategic business plan and marketing, and she was also given the chance to attend networking seminars and events.
The Norfolk based company operates in both the import and export markets moving poultry, game and fruit across Europe and has initially briefed BGD to provide storage and distribution for its frozen and chilled poultry for delivery to wholesale, foodservice and retail customers.
Also on Saturday, Galatasaray defeated ystanbul E[pounds sterling]niversitesi BGD 69-63 on the road.