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a gold coin of the Byzantine Empire

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I took my last one thousand bezants, went to the merchant, and traded each coin for two sheep, for I have an eligible daughter, who needs a dowry.
He gave orders for it to be announced far and wide that whoever brought back the bird would receive one thousand bezants, but those who failed would be hung on the spot.
He also had a wise and lovely daughter, but that was all, if you don't count the one thousand bezants, because his windmill had been washed away by the flood and his lamb had been taken by the fisherman.
The Bezants discovered that only one clinic in Britain, the London Gynaecological Clinic in Harley Street, would implant women over 51.
The next three weeks went by in a frenzy of anticipation as the Bezants waited to see if Lynne fell pregnant.
Lynne Bezant, who already has a grown-up family with her husband Derek, 55, is expecting the babies in the summer.
Richard Bezant, aged 54, was considered to be Swedish billionaire Prof Hans Rausing's right-hand man and ran estates for him in Britain and Portugal.
But in September of last year Mr Bezant was called to Prof Rausing's estate in Wadhurst, East Sussex, and told that he and his wife Lanny, aged 56, were fired.
Now twins are on the way; CLINIC: Fertility Centre in Harley Street where Lynne was treated; JOY: Lynne and Derek Bezant are thrilled at news Picture: ROGER ALLEN