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(formerly) a title of respect for a man in Turkey or Egypt

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the governor of a district or province in the Ottoman Empire

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SOURCE Michael Beys of Beys Stein Mobargha & Berland LLP
Leadership of Your Black Muslim Bakery, founded by Yusuf Ali Bey in 1971, has been implicated in such crimes as torture, murder and child rape.
Since they organized in October, reporters have spent hours slogging through dusty court documents, tracking down real estate transactions and birth, death, marriage and divorce records to build a master database on the Bey family.
After the initial confusion, project leaders divided the investigation into beats or areas of interest surrounding the Bey empire.
Yusuf Bey IV, the 22-year-old leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery, whispered to his buddies that he kept the gun used to kill Bailey in his closet after the attack and bragged of playing "hella dumb" when investigators asked him about the shooting.
Clowning for his pals, Bey IV jerked back his head to mimic a shotgun blast to the face, saying "Pow, pow
Bey IV wasn't in jail in connection with Bailey's murder.
At the top are the beys, or those who are above custom and law and from this exalted station are permitted to go "to excess" (p.
Some of the tales are exceedingly funny, like the case of a bey who had invited the author for lunch in the wealthy Maronite resort town of Bsharri and who had been forced to take along one of the young aghas, due to the author's failure to lie about their destination (as one should do when asked by someone whose company was not particularly desired).
Kriss and his agents have misused the legal system," said Michael Beys, attorney for Lauria.
FAA records show Bey had never received disciplinary action, although he once landed in a field when his engine failed, said agency spokesman Roland Herwig.
Some friends and relatives described Bey as a meticulous pilot.
But according to friend Peter Bludau, also a pilot, Bey often took off before the tower opened to avoid detection.
Friends and relatives described Reiner Bey as a semiretired building contractor.
2 -- color) Guadalupe and Reiner Bey, killed in Tuesday's plane crash in Reseda, vacation at the Colorado River in this 1994 photo.