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British labor leader and statesman who played an important role in diplomacy after World War II (1884-1951)


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Through the lawsuit filed today, the Bevin Administration seeks to ensure that, as the architect and administrator of the waiver, the Commonwealth's voice is heard.
Bevin emerged from his inner office a few minutes later to greet the legislators.
But the order may not end marriage-related legal trouble in the state, and some observers have argued that Bevin lacks the authority to unilaterally alter the licenses.
If Bevin, a Republican, wanted to take a stand against cooperation with the federal government, he picked an odd way to do it.
Bevin, a Republican, wrote to Sylvia Mathews Burwell, the secretary of the U.
Bevin argued in October 1946 that "We've got to have this thing over here whatever it costs We've got to have the bloody Union Jack flying on top of it.
I remember Ernest Bevin telling America off, saying to them 'If you want to take this lot on, great, because we have had our belly full of it'.
At the drift mine and lamp cabin, the story of the Bevin Boys will be told.
FAMILIES' tales of Bevin Boys are wanted for a museum's WWII project.
This remarkable decision was the result of a policy made by a Government minister call Ernest Bevin who, as Minister of Labour in Winston Churchill's 1940 coalition Government, had complete control over the allocation of manpower.
Less well-known, but also critical to Britain's survival, are the 48,000 men ordered down the pit by Ernest Bevin, Minister for Labour and National Service, from 1943.
The Bevin Boys monument was this week officially dedicated in what had been a long-awaited moment of recognition to the former coal miners, both living and dead.
A MEMORIAL has been dedicated to the thousands of men who worked in British coal mines during the Second World War, known as Bevin Boys.
The Bevin Boys monument was yesterday officially dedicated in glorious spring sunshine in what had been a long-awaited moment of recognition to the former coal miners, both living and dead.