Beverly Hills

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a city in southwestern California surrounded by Los Angeles

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At the Thompson Beverly Hills, HSH Nordbank increased its loan to $31 million after the City of Beverly Hills approved a significantly larger rooftop lounge space, pool and larger restaurant on the ground floor.
But after splitting the first 16 sets, the Vikings' (15-4) bid to reach the boys' finals for the first time since 1997 finally came to an end when Jeff Lin's 6-2 victory over Sam Sadeghi gave Beverly Hills a nine-game advantage with only the outcome of Braga's set remaining.
Oasis West Realty LLC has now formally commenced the entitlement process with the City of Beverly Hills to master develop and further improve the site, while respecting the existing hotel tower, the successful public areas, the function spaces of the hotel, as well as its important westerly gateway location in the City of Beverly Hills.
He was rearrested by Beverly Hills police Tuesday morning when he came to pick up his car from an impound lot.
Beverly Hills police pursued the driver west into Los Angeles after witnesses told officers the man was pointing a gun at people from the car, Foxen said.
Mitch McCann of the Beverly Hills Police Department said Tuesday that officials believe the Beverly Hills and Glendale cases might be connected.
The hotel has been a Beverly Hills landmark since 1955.
BEVERLY HILLS - Krieg Peters' turkey dinner will have to wait until he finishes a few wind sprints.
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