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a can that holds beer

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Our industry is proud of the superior environmental benefits of the aluminum beverage can, and CMI is honored to sponsor the GACR in order to raise awareness about recycling and how to maintain a sustainable community.
The XO system is a revolutionary solution for beverage cans that allows people to reseal a beverage can multiple times and enjoy it at their leisure.
CAN-PACK Group, the world renowned manufacturer of aluminum beverage cans, has officially inaugurated its new manufacturing plant at Dubai Investments Park, the ceremony coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the group.
The globe s largest recycler of aluminum beverage cans, Novelis has spent around $106 million in the combined projects that will add 100,000 metric tons of coating capacity and 190,000 metric tons of recycling capacity once completely operational in Brazil.
The overall recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans in the enlarged EU 27 including EFTA countries and Turkey further improved in 2008 and stands now at 63.
The world's biggest manufacturer of beverage cans has awarded a new pounds 4 million contract to TM Logistics in the latest part of a partnership that goes back decades.
The annual recycling figures include used beverage cans melted by U.
However, the beverage can market in emerging markets may suffer in near future due to oversupply as most of the leading players are expanding their production capacity to capitalize on the growth opportunity present in these markets.
The aluminum beverage can is an ideal container as it is easy to carry, chills quickly, and is 100% recyclable and sustainable.
The pale-gold lacquers for either aluminum or steel beverage cans are the result of a comprehensive development process, extensive testing, pack-testing and industrial scale-up trials.
Global Beverage Can Market Report: 2014 Edition says that a slow but steady increase has been observed in the consumption volume and value of beverage, and hence beverage cans, in the developing economies over the past few years.
Following strong demand for its slim can format from the beverages sector, Crown Bevcan Europe and Middle East is converting some of its Middle East production lines from traditional to slim beverage cans.
In 2005 the world's leading aluminum beverage can recycler, Brazil, re-processed 96.
We are pleased the recycling rate has increased from last year--this is a boost for our industry and further evidence that the aluminum beverage can is the best environmental and sustainability packaging option," said Steve Larkin, President, The Aluminum Association.
Its individuals and groups like these that make the aluminum beverage can the most recycled beverage container in the United States.