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Synonyms for clapboard

a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other

cover with clapboards

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We report here the performance of 35 finishes used in 49 finish systems on newly planed vertical-grained; factory-planed flat-grained; or saw-textured vertical-grained western red-cedar bevel siding.
Western redcedar bevel siding was obtained from lumber dealers in Madison, WI.
FINISHING -- Within each type of bevel siding (factory-planed flat-grained; newly planed vertical-grained; and saw-textured vertical-grained), the 4-ft boards were randomized, and three boards were used for each finish system.
In general, each of the finish systems had longer service life on the saw-textured vertical-grained bevel siding.
The "2[7]" for A-7 on the saw-textured bevel siding (ST VG) indicates that the rating was "7" after two years, the time at which it was refinished.
7-cm (3-5/16-in) wide square-edged tongue & groove (T & G) matched flooring, V-groove paneling, and overlap bevel siding (8.
1 m (10 ft) long were segregated for remanufacture into the bevel siding pattern, since siding is most valuable in longer lengths.
To evaluate the effects of potential iron discoloration on the remanufactured bevel siding, specimens were cut from the processed siding and subjected to exposure testing.
Table 3 shows the distribution of the salvaged siding to T & G flooring, V-groove paneling, and bevel siding profiles based on the length classes described earlier.
Each piece of produced T & G flooring, V-groove paneling, and bevel siding was inspected to determine further recovery adjustments after remanufacture.