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Gaertn (alder), is a common Betulaceae widely distributed in Europe.
In Betulaceae, the perianth is affected in Betula (Abbe, 1935), and male flowers are monosymmetric by dense arrangement between bracts in Carpinus (e.
There are 36 species of alders worldwide in the Betulaceae Family and one trait they share in common is a love of water.
Dates from triterpenoid resinous material thought to be of birch origin, from the deciduous Betulaceae family, from three early Mesolithic British sites would also appear to provide credible radiocarbon dates (Roberts et al.
Don), an alder species, family Betulaceae, is an actinorhizal tree found in the hilly regions of Eastern and Northeastern India (Chauhan and Misra 2002).
The natural distribution of the genus is Asiatic and species are found to favor young foliage of plants of the families, Fagaceae, Betulaceae, Juglandaceae, Myrtaceae, Rosaceae, and Rubiaceae (Blackman & Eastop 1994).
2003), but their sister taxa in the 'higher' Hamamelididae (= Fagales sensu APG III, 2009) such as the Betulaceae and Juglandaceae are regarded as predominantly Laurasian whereas the Myricaceae are widespread, but absent from Australasia (Manos & Steele, 1997).