Betula pubescens

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European birch with dull white to pale brown bark and somewhat drooping hairy branches

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Betula pendula Betula pubescens Picea abies Pinus syhestiis + + + + Populus tremula Ouercus robur Sorbus aucuparia Salix sp.
Betula species most often marketed as lumber include Betula pendula, Betula alba, Betula pubescens and Betular odorata.
AMS radiocarbon dates from Lake Ilmjarv Sample Laboratory Macrofossils submitted depth, number cm 410-415 Ua-16570 Pinus sylvestris (TR) 435-440 Ua-16571 Betula pubescens (F&CS) 485-490 Ua-16572 Betula pubescens (F&CS); Picea abies (N) 510-515 Ua-16573 Betula pubescens (F&CS); Pinus sylvestris (TR) 735-740 Ua-16574 Betula pubescens (TR) 835-840 Ua-16575 Betula pubescens (F) Sample [sup.
caerulea grasslands leads to the pre-forest phase with an expansion of several tree and shrub species, most commonly Frangula alnus, Betula pubescens, and B.
Key words: Alces alces, Betula pendula, Betula pubescens, birch, browsing, damage, decay, discoloration, moose, wood quality.