Betula cordifolia

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small American birch with peeling white bark often worked into e

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If Betula cordifolia is more susceptible to water stress than B.
The mean midday [psi] of all sampled individuals from each species at each site shows that [psi] of Betula cordifolia is never more positive than [psi] of B.
To examine whether [psi] of Betula cordifolia and B.
On July 25 mean [pm] SE predawn [Psi] of Betula cordifolia was -2.
One such physiological difference between birches in early to midsuccessional communities is shade tolerance; Betula cordifolia is considered less shade tolerant than B.
During one full growing season (and in the previous summer) midday [Psi] of Betula cordifolia was always less than or equal to that of B.
2a, b), showing Betula cordifolia with a significantly lower [Psi] than B.