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A comparison of Betula pollen seasons at two European sites; Derby, United Kingdom and Poznan, Polan (1995-1999), Aerobiologia 18: 45-53.
Influence of saw and secateur pruning on stem discolouration, wound cicatrisation and diameter growth of Betula pendula.
Triterpenoid extractives in the outer bark of Betula lenta black birch, Holzforschung 45: 265-8.
A comparison of the Betula and Corylus pollen percentages shows the prevalence of Betula over Corylus, especially from 2500 BP (Pre-Roman Iron Age).
Betula papyrifera, known as the paper bark birch, has a bark that peels off in strips, revealing a creamy gingery inner layer.
For example, 'Betula10 planted' represents the vegetation where 10-year-old planted saplings of Betula pendula are dominant in the tree layer, whereas 'Betula10 natural' is a natural vegetation type where the dominating Betula pendula is 10 years old.
At one of the properties in Betula Close officers recovered a significant amount of what is believed to be crack cocaine and heroin.
The snowdrops are fantastic, but you should also see wonderfully coloured stems or trunks of Cornus, Rubus, Betula and Acer, together with delightful fragrance from Daphne, winter box and winter flowering honeysuckle.
One of the most attractive is the cut-leaved birch, Betula pendula dalecarlica, whose ferny leaves turn golden yellow.
Perhaps the most popular weeping tree is the white birch, Betula pendula.
A single specimen of the Himalayan Birch, Betula utilis var jacquemontii is the centrepiece of a small informal bed.
THE snowy white bark of the himalay jacquemontii, looks stunning all year ryan birch, Betula round, but this is especially true on grey winter days when it really stands out in the bare garden.