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In the Betula study, dementia status was assessed at baseline and reassessed every 5 years to identify new cases and to determine the year in which the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition) core criteria for dementia were met, that is, when cognitive symptoms became sufficiently severe to interfere with social functioning and with instrumental activities of daily living (American Psychiatric Association 2000).
Betula is the dominant species (53), followed in order of abundance by Pinus sylvestris (30), Picea abies (4), Larix sibirica (1), Populus tremula (1), Alnus incana (1), and Sorbus aucuparia (1).
Besides spruce, other boreal species also occur, including Betula humilis Schrank or Vaccinium oxycoccos L.
Among trees, Betula utilis, Abies pindrow, Picea smithiana and Taxus wallichiana were dominant in the Musk Deer habitat (Table.
For the Viru extracted peatland only Oxycoccus palustris and for the Visusti peatland Betula pubescens and Eriophorum vaginatum were identified as indicator species.
Name of Plant Family Species 1 Abies pindlow Royle Pinaceae 2 Acacia arabica Lim Mimosaceae 3 Acer ceasium Lindle Aceraceae 4 Aesculus indica Wall Hippocastanaceae (Hook) 5 Berberis lycium Berberidaceae Royle 6 Betula utilis D.
Preliminary life tables and notes on mortality factors of the birch leaf miner, Fenusa pusilla (Lepeletier) (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae), on blue birch, Betula caerulea grandis Blanchard, in Quebec.
Recovery of young Betula pendula trees after stem breakage.
Yellow birch, Betula alleghaniensis, is one of some 60 species of birch from around the world, and grows in Canada, the Great Lakes region and New England, and as far south as North Carolina.
Effect of growing site, sampling date, wood location in trunk and drying method on concentration of soluble proanthocyanidins in Betula pendula.
Silver birch generally needs good light but betula nigra will grow in drier conditions, as will the poplar.
Betula nigra, Carpinus caroliniana, Ulmus americana, and Liriodendron tulipifera (RIV = 16, 11, 11, 10%) dominate the floodplain.