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short-nosed rat kangaroo

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Darren Grover from the World Wildlife Fund Australia said that bettongs and rock-wallabies are not easy to find as they are disappearing.
It is surrounded by a predator-barrier fence and contains a variety of mammals including the eastern barred bandicoot, southern brown bandicoot Isoodon obesulus, long-nosed potoroo Potorous tridactylus, rufous bettong Aepyprymnus rufescens, Tasmanian pademelon, eastern grey kangaroo, swamp wallaby Wallabia bicolor, common brushtail possum Trichosurus vulpecula and eastern quoll Dasyurus viverrinus.
Foods such as bettongs, hare-wallabys, shingle-backed lizards, emu eggs and fresh water mussels, all of which would have been available in the vicinity of the camp, were prepared and consumed on the site.
Digging and burrowing are common behaviours in many Australian mammals, for instance potoroid rat-kangaroos, such as bettongs and potoroos (Claridge and May 1994; Garkaklis et al.
Since ESL started buying land, building feral-proof fences, and reintroducing native species, endangered Australian species including rufous bettongs, long-nosed potoroos, wallabies, and southern brown bandicoots have thrived.
Queensland is rich in natural beauty with rain forests, dry deserts, white sandy beaches and rivers, and wombats, wallabies, wallaroos, pademelons, bettongs, kangaroos, lizards, crocodiles and snakes.
Having studied the decline of Australian mammals for nearly 30 years, Professor Johnson has seen first-hand how native populations, such as rufous bettongs, can thrive when dingoes are present.
From there I realised what we are missing on our roads on the mainland; quolls, i bettongs, ringtails, pademelon, bandicoots, bilbies and numbats--not just wombats, kangaroos, foxes and wallabies.
In one case, a single fox gained access to the Heirisson Prong conservation site at Useless Loop in Shark Bay and killed more than 100 of 350 burrowing bettongs in three months, before it was destroyed.
Our interpretation of the sub-fossil information provided by the rodent middens is still tentative and we need to be cautious because some of the middens are accessible to other species and can be contaminated by digging bettongs, foxes and the like,' Pearson says.
Small holes puncturing the continuity of the forest floor suggests bettongs and other small animals have already taken their share of the tasty bounty.
It arose from his fascination with the ring-like diggings of the malleefowl and the crescent shaped excavations of the burrowing bettongs.
But now that the woylies and the bettongs and other animals have disappeared, we wonder how these fungi will be dispersed.
In contrast, potoroos, bettongs and other "rat kangaroos" have an enlarged stomach, full of the necessary bacteria.
After 10 pieces of habitat are removed, players are asked to pretend they are one of three animals: a spider, a bird or a bettong.