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a system of rules for placing bets that is believed to lead to winning

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The results for these strategies are shown in Table 5 with the number of bets placed (N), the actual return to the betting strategy noted, the expected return of the betting strategy, and the z-test comparing the actual and expected returns based upon the test established by Gandar et al.
And though I was betting like a plonker at the Festival, a new betting strategy will be in situ come March, 2015, when I may well be shouting up the drinks with the wee brollies in the Arkle Bar.
A disciplined spread betting strategy separates the emotion and spontaneity from your trading, allowing you to approach the trading platform with a clear head.
Tactics are likely to be defensive on both sides and the sensible betting strategy is to anticipate a lack of goals, which has been a recurrent theme at the Stade Louis this season.
Below, we offer you a spread betting strategy for trading Tesco shares with a spread betting account from City Index.
He finds 'exploitable betting opportunities'; the model can be used to generate a betting strategy with positive post-tax returns.
Planning before you trade not only provides you with clear and concise guidelines to take you through - what can be - an emotional experience when trading, but also limiting your losses and leaving you valuable time to focus and react to market movements as they happen, allowing you to learn from both mistakes and successes as your spread betting strategy develops.
A statement from the appeal board read: "It was not presented as other than a deliberate betting strategy in which the lay bets were a relatively small part of an overall back bet and in which no one lost unfairly.
As Product Manager Sean Johnson explained, "BetBots allows you to remain disciplined, sticking to a betting strategy completely and factoring out the emotional element of betting.
Last month, Hilton Group Ladbroke unit announced its online betting strategy, sending its shares soaring.
To the Alberta group, the key elements of the game are card probabilities, betting strategy, bluffing approach, and opponent modeling.
Identifying a trend can be an effective spread betting strategy for new traders.
5 goals a tempting proposition in the quest for value, but given the visitors' lack of attacking threat it may be a more sensible betting strategy to expect the Red Bulls to keep a clean sheet.
However, if the market had moved against your position - you could incur a loss greater than your initial deposit, making risk management imperative to your spread betting strategy.
By learning about the risks associated with trading and how to manage them, you can ensure that your spread betting strategy is in the best possible shape to react the next time a bear market comes around.