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a licensed bookmaker's shop that is not at the race track

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Two years ago SIS and RMG did a deal for betting shop rights that kicks in from April 1 this year.
The reality is antisocial behaviour and the crime associated with betting shops can only be tackled if gambling businesses, police, local authorities and the Gambling Commission work together.
Players living in the city staked PS995million on FOBTs in its 222 betting shops, losing PS35million or PS83.
1m lost by problem gamblers alone in the 41 local betting shops in 2011-12.
Previously, gamblers could only exclude themselves from one betting shop at a time and had to fill in forms for each different company.
But in the spirit of reconciliation, the surprise winner was invited to open a seventh Kingsport betting shop in Charles Street.
At the same time, CPU members raided another betting shop in Paralimni, and collected six computers as evidence.
My uncle was killed in a betting shop which collapsed and left him pinned against a wall by a slab of betting slips.
Newcastle is only behind Soho in Central London for density of betting shops beating cities like Liverpool and Bradford coming second in the nine areas identified.
He spoke of the "problem of the ever increasing number of betting shops especially in, but not con-fined to, poorer areas".
3 million total winnings would have been a betting shop record.
In his constituency there are an estimated 24 betting shops with FOBTs on their premises, operating about 96 terminals.
The National Lottery signed an agreement with the Federation of Betting Shops (Fenabanca) to regularize the status of 6,200 illegal gambling houses, reports DR1 Daily News (Oct.
The purchase of the Stanley outlets will make William Hill the largest betting shops operator in the country with a total of 2,237 locations.
The punter, who wants to remain anonymous, won what was said to be the biggest individual payout since betting shops were legalised in 1961 by picking the winners of six horse races last Saturday.