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Somewhere between Brancusi-esque bases without their better halves and supertechnological "appliances" for a race of freaks, these freckly figments seem neither purely aesthetic nor wholly functional: They linger somewhere uncomfortably in-between.
A survey by Eagle Life reveals that two-thirds of married men admit they only make financial decisions on the say-so of their better halves.
Maybe men could learn a few things off their better halves and improve their lot in life.
Mr Morris, do all us busy mums a favour and pen a sequel with a detailed drawing, so that we can point out to our better halves exactly where the illusive spots are.
HOLLYWOOD hunk George Clooney takes a boat trip on Lake Como with his Ocean's Twelve co-stars and their better halves.
After lifting the Premiership title in an unbeaten season, the soccer stars and their better halves let their hair down at a testimonial dinner for long-serving defender Martin Keown.
Despite men moaning about hating shopping, our better halves are increasingly snatching the trolley on a visit to the shops.
NOW the season is over for the Footballers' Wives of TV's Earls Park team, you are likely to see their better halves playing a lot more golf.
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