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United States film actress (1908-1989)


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I do mean William Wyler's "The Letter,'' starring Bette Davis as a woman who murders her lover and "River of No Return'' starring Marilyn Monroe as a tough saloon singer fighting turbulent rapids, Indians and Robert Mitchum.
If you'd like to read what I believe is a new look at Davis' career and her major work during her halcyon days, I'd recommend David Thomson's Bette Davis.
The advert casts Elizabeth Jagger, Erin O'Connor, Twiggy, Laura Bailey and Noemie Lenoir as Hollywood legends Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall and Jane Russell.
The Girl Who Walked Home Alone: Bette Davis, A Personal Biography is a recommended pick for any collection strong in movie star biographies, especially those which aren't overstocked on Bette Davis coverage's already.
One of the first "fashion don'ts" was the outfit Bette Davis wore to the 1936 ceremony.
1962) and "Stardust: The Bette Davis Story" (2006).
The Bette Davis Collection, Volume Two May 30 (Warner Home Video)
I am Bette Davis in Now, Voyager: the maiden aunt, the dutiful daughter, the social failure and the sexual incompetent.
Emcees Bob Plunket and Carolyn Michel will do just about anything to keep the Arts Awards for the Sarasota County Arts Council fresh and different; this year they--with some help from actor Blake Walton--brought Bette Davis back to life.
Or look at it another way: If we count only the categories in which All About Eve was eligible, Titanic only racks up 12 nominations - two fewer than the Bette Davis classic.
and Valley of the Dolls, Keeve intercuts these scenes with the originals by Bette Davis and Susan Hayward.
For instance, Laurence Olivier might have ended up playing the Marlon Brando role in The Godfather, Bette Davis could have ended up in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?
Kennedy's multicultural sensibility allows her to draw, for the synthesis of her work, upon everything from Old Maid cards to Negro spirituals; Hitler, Shakespeare, Chaucer, William the Conqueror, and Anne Boleyn; Mary, Joseph, and Jesus; Bette Davis and Lena Home; Malcolm X, Beethoven, and Leonardo da Vinci--as well as early childhood memories of family, friends, and relatives.
Having proven itself irresistibly heartwarming and a magnificent vehicle for any actress willing to represent the fifth, sixth and seventh ages of woman, all the way to "sans everything,' Driving Miss Daisy has been sold to the movies, where (according to its publicists) Katharine Hepburn, Angela Lansbury and Bette Davis are vying for the part created by Ivey.