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United States film actress (1908-1989)


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I look like Bette Davies in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.
Mr Earnshaw added: "It still surprises me to see the variety of films that have been filmed here; we're talking about big name stars such as Bette Davies, Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Costner.
The title is a nod to the Bette Davies film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
The real smack in the face for Bankhead, though, was being replaced by Bette Davies in The Little Foxes.
My sister Julia and I love anything with Bette Davies in it - especially Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.
I've always really enjoyed working with people who are more reclusive, like Bette Davies," he says.
ANN SMITH: (Re Bette Davies from Flintshire dies aged 106) God bless aunty Bet,what a lovely lady, loved a giggle when she came into Boots the chemist.
Indeed, by the time you're in your 40s so great is the fear of resembling Joan Crawford and Bette Davies in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane that your dressing table becomes a shrine to the no-make-up make up look - i.
is a mixture of celebrity and family with Auntie Ella equal to Bette Davies in her vivid kitschness.
Had I not been so preoccupied with Wimbledon and Bette Davies I would have read on.