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American seamstress said to have made the first American flag at the request of George Washington (1752-1836)

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Tittlemouse in the guise of Betsy Ross suggests that her vision of quilt history was very much bound up in these popular ideas--and indeed, her 1979 book, Erica Wilson's Quilts of America, does much to perpetuate myths of the American quilting past.
After a short business meeting, there will be a Flag Day program with a visit by Betsy Ross.
The Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia has long been a site of many Flag Day celebrations and can be toured during August's National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Philadelphia.
But Betsy Ross brings up a much more unpleasant picture for me--she reminds me of my biggest contract negotiation failure ever.
I have been visiting in Philadelphia where the events of 1776 happened, and I had the opportunity to visit the Betsy Ross House and learn a little more about the history of the US flag.
Grant, Sigmund Freud, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gabrielle Giffords, Christa McAuliffe, Justin Bieber, Fred Rogers, Iron Man, Oedipus the King, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Joe Paterno, Edith Wilson, the Dalai Lama, Confucius, Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, Tina Fey, Monica Seles, Edgar Allan Poe, Secretariat, Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, George Washington, Robin Hood, Sherlock Homes, Merlin, Betsy Ross, Muhammad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr.
The hotel provides easy access to Interstate 76, along with other major highways and is also just a short commute to historic downtown Philadelphia, where travelers can visit top tourist spots like the Liberty Bell, National Constitution Center and the Betsy Ross House.
In terms of revered Americans, Harriet Tubman rises to the top with the likes of Paul Revere and Betsy Ross," says Alan Spears, NPCA's legislative representative.
The author says these three "defining issues" are "constantly being deconstructed": (1) Betsy Ross didn't sew the first flag.
Similarly, when I was a TA in voice at The Ohio State University, one of my students improbably named Betsy Ross brought Brahms's "Vergebliches Standchen" to her lesson.
A review of the territory: The legend of Betsy Ross as the first embroiderer of the American flag was originally brought to light in 1870, when one of her grandsons, William J.
Visitors to "the city of brotherly love" often tour Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and homes of historic figures such as Edgar Allan Poe, Betsy Ross and Thaddeus Kosciuszko.
In the category of Built Design: Preservation, JCJ Architecture, in association with Barkin Associates Architects, was recognized for the Betsy Ross Magnet School and Parish Hall Performing Arts Center in New Haven.
If Betsy Ross is said to have made the first flag, write J in space 14.