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Israeli general and statesman (1915-1981)


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In reaching its conclusion, the court stated that a beneficiary who was refused a withdrawal demand could go to a beth din that would be required by the trust instrument to give the beneficiary the rights to which he or she was entitled under state law.
In that event, Article XXVI of the trust declaration would require the beneficiary to submit the dispute to a beth din.
For a thorough description of the beit din, see Ginnine Fried, Comment, The Collision of Church and State: A Primer to Beth Din Arbitration and the New York Secular Courts, 31 FORDHAM URB.
But before the case came to court in London, the couple decided to refer their disputes to a senior rabbi in the New York Beth Din and asked if the judge would agree.
The London Beth Din, which represents modern Orthodox Jews, added: "When abuse has occurred, the police must be informed without delay.
The same applies to the Beth Din, the courts held under Judaic law.
The Beth Din can't force anyone to appear in court, but once both parties agree to settle a dispute there, they are bound in English law to abide by the decision.
There is a long-standing practice among some Jewish litigants to settle disputes before the Beth Din, another type of quasi-legal hearing.
The Jewish court, the Beth Din, ruled it was not a religious matter in what has been called: "a small victory against small mindedness".
But if when asked [why she rebelled] she says 'My purpose is to torment him in retaliation for such and such that he did to me or for his having cursed me or quarelled with me and the like' then she is sent away from the beth din with the following admonition.
2) This Comment discusses the dilemmas that arise when New York courts are asked to enforce arbitration decisions promulgated by a religious arbitration panel called a beth din, (3) which operates primarily under Jewish law.
Recent changes to provincial arbitration laws make it possible for decisions made by these Muslim courts to be final and binding under Canadian law--the same as for rulings made by a beth din, a Jewish legal panel comprised of three rabbis.
And if there is any doubt about the requirements of observance, the beth din (rabbinic court) is nearby, not far from the mikvah (ritual bath) and the Kollel (a major center for adult religious study).
Kessel had been raised believing she was genetically Jewish and later found out that was not so, she could study for conversion, appear before a beth din, immerse in the mikvah, and, voila, she would be a Jew.
Goldstein serves as a member of the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency for Israel; is a founding board member of Yeshiva University's Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education; chair of the board of Manhattan Day School; a board member of the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG), a UJA-Federation beneficiary agency; president of the Beth Din of America; a board member of the Ramaz School; and an honorary board member of DOROT, also a UJA-Federation beneficiary agency.