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the second brightest star in Orion

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Again, compared to the surrounding stars, and compared to Betelgeuse, you will notice it has a bright blue colour.
The gigantic and bright star Betelgeuse is a superstar, and it is going to put on quite a farewell performance for Earth sometime within the next 1,000,000 years or so.
The /Xam Bushmen saw Aldebaran as "The Male Hartebeest", with Betelgeuse as its mate.
Sirius, along with Procyon (the large star to the upper left of Sirius) and Betelgeuse (the reddish left shoulder of Orion) form what appears from our position on earth to be an equilateral triangle.
A notable star in Orion is the red giant Betelgeuse pronounced by some as beetlejuice.
His best friend isn't from Guildford after all, but a small planet near Betelgeuse.
Other luminous Orion stars carry lovely names, such as Rigel and Betelgeuse.
And some space cadet called Mark insists: "As you can see we've got the giant constellation of Orion with the red star Betelgeuse high in the top left hand corner.
Blood Diamond 6g Mujadil - Betelgeuse Alan Gray and Ann Murray 504815/ RPR 117h OR 109h He's been sidelined for more than two years but will be ready to run around Christmas and is doing the right things.
He connected Bellatrix to Betelgeuse, transforming haphazard dots into the mighty shoulders of Orion.
Apart from ceramic vessels with engraved suns, which are yet another evidence that Kokino was a shrine in which the cult of the Sun was nurtured, during the latest archeological research new stone markers were discovered that were used for observing the movement of the star Betelgeuse from the Orion constellation and the star Aldebaran from the Taurus constellation.
Astronomers thought they knew how far Betelgeuse was from Earth.
All 42 French crew on the Betelgeuse oil tanker died when it exploded in Bantry Bay, Co Cork, on January 8, 1979.
It's unclear why Betelgeuse has shrunk and whether it will later rebound, said Nobel laureate Charles Townes, retired from the University of California, Berkeley.
Proxima Centuri, the nearest star to the sun, is just over four light years away but is trumped by, among others, Betelgeuse (pronounced "beetle juice"), a whopping great red supergiant whose diameter alone is four times the distance between the earth and the sun.