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seed of betel palm

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One of the tall, elegant goddesses, wearing a green, shining sari, spat a stream of blood-red betel-nut juice, just as he passed her.
From Hong Kong massage parlors to Taiwanese betel-nut stands, Japanese love hotels to Filipino dance halls, photographer Reagan Louie spent six years patrolling Asia's underground sex dens in search of his subject.
send ten betel-nuts, 20 a betel-nut box made of silver called lampica, and a one rupee coin as the first gift to the future bride (Vajracarya, 1980:21).
The Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine, based on the earliest Brahmanic texts, recommended that spices such as cloves and cardamom be wrapped in betel-nut leaves and chewed after meals to increase the flow of sahva, help digestion, and eliminate bad breath.
In Karachi, Customs authorities destroyed 200 kilograms of heroin powder, 4850 kilograms of hashish, hundreds of bottles of liquor, and piles of betel-nuts.