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seed of betel palm

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Farmers process betel nuts by cutting and boiling them before they are sold in the markets.
Therefore, this study empirically investigates the potential impacts of risk information dissemination on the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and betel nuts in Taiwan.
The Kan Tang used in the Wai Kru ceremony usually comprises flowers, betel nut sets, incense, candles, money, and red and white cloth.
Chewing betel nuts has been a practice used to suppress hunger in India (Krishnamurthy 1997).
He said that they imported the Betel Nuts (Chhalia) from Indonesia and after clearance from PCSIR laboratory, it was distributed all over the country.
MESSAGE: Dentist Rajen Joshi with 'patient' Dal Dhadda and the poster he hopes will encourage people to give up smoking and chewing tobacco and betel nuts.
Researchers have associated chewing betel nuts with mouth cancer since 1984 but hadn't been able to pinpoint the precise connection.
Beta-carotene and vitamin A reduced the number of micronucleus formations in the mouths of Filipinos who chew a mixture of tobacco and betel nuts.
Producers of other nuts and kernels including pecan nuts, macadamia nuts, betel nuts and ginkgo nuts
LAHORE:The traders of Lahore associated to the paan business have decided to move court against the Punjab Food Authority's decision of imposing a ban on the sale of betel nuts, saying that it was an act to destroy a centuries-old tradition of the sub-continent.
In reply to a question, boys said that we used to come here to buy betel nuts from police line residential society.
According to Superintendent of Police Orangi division Abid Ali Baloch, SDPO Orangi, Ishtiaq Arain led the raid also recovering two bottles of liquor, seven large bags of prohibited Gutka, three bags of betel nuts, two bags of tobacco, one Shehzore truck and 14 empty tubs.
Tenders are invited for supply of different materials for raising of betel nuts within maruganj gram panchayat (aap no-03 11 04 05 384)
Gorakhpur, July 10 (ANI): Farming of betel leaves has declined in Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur region as demand for packed crushed betel nuts is on the rise.
But despite the risk of fines, jail time and deportation, blacklisted goods like gutkha -- crumbs of betel nuts and tobacco -- and beedies are available under the table in many grocery stores in crowded alleys of Bur Dubai and Karama.