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seed of betel palm

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Paan is a mouth freshener made of betel leaf and consists of chopped betel nuts and a variety of perfumes and spices slaked with lime and assembled into a quid sealed with paste.
Trade: Exports ($14 million)--fish, kava, betel nut.
Farmers process betel nuts by cutting and boiling them before they are sold in the markets.
Therefore, this study empirically investigates the potential impacts of risk information dissemination on the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and betel nuts in Taiwan.
The Kan Tang used in the Wai Kru ceremony usually comprises flowers, betel nut sets, incense, candles, money, and red and white cloth.
29) The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) regards betel nut to be a known human carcinogen.
Brain-altering chemicals in betel nuts may quell hallucinations and delusions, the researchers propose in the April American Journal of Psychiatry.
Betel nut beauties are teenage girls who dress in scanty, sexy clothes and sit in well-lit, transparent booths decorated with mirrors where they prepare packages of betel nuts, beverages and cigarettes for mostly male, working-class customers who drive by.
People who chew tobacco or betel nuts have a higher risk of cancers in the oral cavity.
The mouth freshener contains sugar coated fennel seeds, coriander seeds, betel nuts and coconut.
The Consumer Protection Council of the helpline Trust also drew the attention of the Chief Justice, Sindh High Court to the recent reports in the print media relating to the import of contaminated betel nuts.
They can't find work in Badulla where unemployment stands at 90%, and men, both young and old, sit in the market place and chew betel nuts.
MESSAGE: Dentist Rajen Joshi with 'patient' Dal Dhadda and the poster he hopes will encourage people to give up smoking and chewing tobacco and betel nuts.
Among the Manandhar this gift is accompanied by ten betel nuts and a document given by the astrologer indicating the auspicious moment of the wedding.
Beta-carotene and vitamin A reduced the number of micronucleus formations in the mouths of Filipinos who chew a mixture of tobacco and betel nuts.