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Asian pepper plant whose dried leaves are chewed with betel nut (seed of the betel palm) by southeast Asians

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While in terms of odor, the three formulas provide a distinctive odor of red betel leaf.
According to a NAB spokesman, accused Sheikh Muhammad Naseem used to import betel leaf from Sri Lanka through M/s Ramish International.
NAB Lahore is investigating a mega corruption scam related to evasion and mis-calculation of custom Duty being implicated over import of Betel Leaf from abroad during 2008-12.
6 billion regarding evasion of duty on import of betel leaf in accordance with Pak-Sri Lanka Trade Agreement.
The objective of this study includes isolating and identification of bacteria present in the oral region and to study the antibacterial activity of betel leaf extract against bacteria isolated.
According to security officials, a majority of Pakistani nationals returning from India tend to carry a large quantity of betel leaf, Indian clothes, cosmetics, medicine and other eatables.
Pan masala - a preparation of betel leaf with areca nut and sometimes with tobacco - is chewed for its stimulant and psychoactive effects.
RYO tobacco is made of materials similar to different kinds of paper such as banana leaf, lotus leaf, betel leaf, young nepa leaf, and maka leaf, with young nepa leaf being amongst the most popular.
Hence the egg arrives not alone but sitting on a betel leaf, with a coconut chili sambal for extra bite.
At The Treesome Caf in Versova, Mumbai, I had Thai Chicken Bites Wrapped in Pan Leaf, which is minced chicken served with sweet chilly dressing in a betel leaf.
The waitress demonstrated with practised ease the technique of folding the betel leaf into a cone.
The products seized in the raid included pn - a psychoactive preparation of betel leaf and tobacco, and gutka - a mild stimulant made from tobacco and crushed betel nuts.
Betel nut with betel leaf chewing is possibly the biggest addiction in Bangladesh, more so than tobacco.
In Pakistan, betel quid (tam baku wala paan) is betel leaf filled with areca nut (a psychoactive agent), tobacco, spices and slaked lime.
Abdulkader also said that many schoolchildren are getting addicted to suwayka and another chewable tobacco derivative called betel leaf and areca nut.