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Asian pepper plant whose dried leaves are chewed with betel nut (seed of the betel palm) by southeast Asians

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Considered sacred, the betel leaf is again an auspicious symbol specifically related to fertility.
Contrary to betel nut and some of its constituents, there is an absolute dearth of pharmacological activity studies on effect of betel leaf and stem extracts.
Finally he takes readers to the Sylhet region for small-scale betel leaf agroforestry and linkages between livelihoods of forest villagers and forest conservation.
The Lahore Paan Mandi, the second largest betel leaf market of Pakistan after Karachi, supplies paans throughout the Punjab.
The assault on the betel leaf could be seen as a curious choice as Dubai's faces far more serious troubles after the global recession crashed the boomtown's party and left many construction sites idle and foreign workers packing up.
The slippery, deep-green betel leaf wrapped around juicy spiced beef was fine, it was when it came to the chilli dipping sauce that things started to slip and slide a little, but it was manageable.
Though largely consisting of the ingredient areca nut (the seed of the Areca catechu palm), the common additive betel leaf (from the Piper betle plant) has led to the mixture's current labeling.
Five courses later, a mouth-watering dish of ginger kulfi (frozen milk) and betel leaf rasmalai (sugary balls of soft cheese) is proof that it's worth resisting second helpings of naan bread to leave room for the often-overlooked desserts.
The bamboo drip irrigation system is normally used to irrigate the betel leaf or black pepper crops planted in arecanut orchards or in mixed orchards.
We eat a lot of yellow turmeric and garlic which help to boost the immune system, betel leaf to aid digestion and ginger and lemongrass to cleanse theentire system.
Paan consists of three basic ingredients; the betel leaf, thinly sliced nut of the Areca palm and lime paste.
Commonly, betel leaf (from the vine Piper betle L), areca nut (the fruit of Areca catechu L), lime (from seashells), gambir (a preparation from the leaves and twigs of the shrub Uncaria gambir), and shredded tobacco are included.
The council has also teamed up with Coventry Health Promotions Service to run a stall at the Bangladesh Centre, in George Eliot Road, Foleshill, which will highlight the dangers of chewing paan, a mixture of tobacco, betel leaf and staked lime.
1981), Chinese tea (Han & Yong, 1990), and betel leaf (Azuine et al.
From passion fruit to rose to almost unheard-of beetroot, betel leaf tea.