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Asian pepper plant whose dried leaves are chewed with betel nut (seed of the betel palm) by southeast Asians

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Focused on the minutiae of everyday life, on how the Burmese love to chew betel juice and on the importance of air conditioning in a tropical climate, these stories build our trust in Delisle as an observer.
For those who like tobacco, a small amount of tobacco is then added which, imbibed with the betel juice, produces a pleasing flavor.
Juice from betel quid is used to remedy abdominal colic, tobacco juice is rubbed on the abdomen for deworming, and tobacco imbibed with betel juice is placed on a newborn's umbilical cord stump in order to produce a beautiful navel.
Younger women also prefer lipstick to the red stain of betel juice.
The waste management department of Dubai Municipality will penalise those who throw garbage in public places, spit betel juice on the road or commit other violations that dirty public places.