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a magnetic tape recorder for recording (and playing back) TV programs

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At the same time, the brief pointed out that the Sony Betamax test does not immunize a vendor's other conduct, including active encouragement of its users to violate copyright laws using its technology.
By 1987, VHS had 85 per cent of the market, Betamax 7.
Remember when videos were in VHS or Betamax format?
And they assess the risk of a replay of Sony's Betamax nightmare, in the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD tussle.
Betamax was better quality, but VHS had porn films.
From transistor radios to Trinitron color television sets to the first VCR for home use, the Betamax, the company has become synonomous with entertainment.
The Big Six struck a deal after being stung by previous "format wars" - the famous feud between the VHS and Betamax video systems cost the losers billions.
As the camera pans into the house, Aykroyd can be seen holding a cable box, talking to a man surrounded by such entertainment fads as quadraphonic stereo, laserdiscs, a betamax.
Betamax video system: After a good start it was trounced by VHS.
Did consumers make a mistake, a la choosing VHS over the technologically superior Betamax video format in the 1980s?
However, Hollywood must remember that the multi-billion dollar VHS rental industry was spawned by the predecessors of VOD/PVR - the original Betamax and VCR.
For sale: rickety lab stools, Betamax video machines, filmstrip projectors and library books that haven't been checked out since bell bottoms were popular the first time around.
DVD burners today are similar to VCRs in the early Eighties, when people had to choose between VHS and Betamax," said Howard Wing, vice president of sales and marketing for Plextor.
They are also citing a 1984 US Supreme Court decision on Sony's betamax video recorders.