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the 2nd letter of the Greek alphabet

second in order of importance

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preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product

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Sony Dothan will provide all Digital Betacam products for the Pan American Zone, which includes the United States, Canada, Central and South America.
Broadcast Converter is a complete solution for connecting analog decks such as Betacam SP to SDI based systems in a compact rack mount design.
By standardizing on the Betacam SX format, the league will have high-picture quality, digital workflow and format compatibility - as well as playback of legacy analog tapes - among all its teams.
This contract has as its object the provision and maintenance of equipment for the digitization of materials currently stored on media Betacam and related maintenance and support, as specified in the Technical Specification and in the Scheme Agreement, to be achieved through a) the supply of equipment for the preparation, cleaning and dubbing automated media Betacam with its accessories, in the terms and in the manner required by the Technical Specifications;b) maintenance services and assistance equipment installed on the terms and in the manner required by the Technical Specifications.
20 minute video/CD preview and BetaCam SP/Digital Betacam for broadcast
The MediaPress LE is ideal for facilities working with analog sources like Betacam or VHS.
Contract awarded for Supply, deliver, set up of video tapes / discs electronic controlled dry cabinets to hold at least 255 large betacam tapes, 144 small betacam tapes, 176 digital betacam tapes, 76 VHS tapes, 2000 discs, 1245 large DVCam tapes, 314 small DVCam tapes.
Contract notice: Benefits scan jpeg 2000 recorded on betacam media audiovisual archives.
The MPEGProfiler from VITEC features Y/U/V (Component), Y/C (S-Video) & Composite video inputs suitable for capturing from professional sources including BetacamSP, Digital-S & Digital Betacam.
Miscellaneous minutes in length HDCAM, DVCam tapes (without memory chip), DVM (Mini DV) tapes, XDCAM discs, analog Betacam, Digital Beta, DHCAM, mini DV and DVCam transport cleaning cartridges for the entire duration of the framework agreement 29,200,000 HUF terms, the According to these models, or equivalent / alternative types as follows
Providing video and computer magnetic media for the year 2014 and the following standards: lto, gold cd-r, dvd-r, blu ray, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, DV cam, cam hd, hd cam-sr, HDV , memory card sd, xd cam, DVC.
All Digital Playground productions look and sound superb, as they are shot on Digital Betacam with Dolby 5.
The Production Systems features an Avid media composer, Adobe Graphics After Effects System, 3DS Max 3D graphics, off-line editing systems and Betacam SX and Digital Betacam tape formats.
The previous recording made on Digital Betacam media.