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a cell that produces insulin in the isles of Langerhans in the pancreas

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Glucose-sensing mechanisms in pancreatic beta-cells.
Down-regulation of expression and function of nucleoside diphosphate kinase in insulin-secreting beta-cells under in vitro conditions of glucolipotoxicity.
Type 2 diabetes occurs when the beta-cells can't cope with the prolonged high glucose levels of some obese patients and so secrete less insulin.
Pre-existing pancreatic acinar cells contribute to acinar cell, but not islet beta-cell regeneration.
The researchers tried adding S961 directly to mouse beta-cells in the lab, but there was no observed effect.
Editor's Note: Authors Somlak Cheungsamarn and colleagues suggest that curcumin may prevent the progression of prediabetes to diabetes by maintaining healthy beta-cell function.
The role of AMPK and mTOR in nutrient sensing in pancreatic beta-cells.
showed that GLP-1 can cause islet stem cells to differentiate into pancreatic beta-cells, the insulin- secreting cells that are depleted or compromised in diabetes.
The researchers say the their research could ultimately result in the creation of an unlimited supply of beta-cells (the insulin-producing part of pancreatic islet cells) for transplantation into people with diabetes.
In nondiabetics, pancreatic beta-cells produce insulin, the hormone that allows sugar to be burned as energy.
Without using an agent to block the autoimmune process, beta-cell differentiation and/or growth promoting agents will not be clinically effective because simultaneous regeneration of beta-cells and prevention of autoimmune reactions would not be realized.
Pancreatic islet cell transplantation offers the potential of terminating the autoimmune response that drives the destruction of insulin-producing beta-cells and eliminating the need for life-long insulin therapy.
She also wanted to better understand beta-cells, which help produce insulin in the pancreas.
2) Prevention of GAD-expression in beta-cells prevents disease