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He said that they're now able to really study the insulin-producing beta-cells in detail in a way that wasn't possible before.
Down-regulation of expression and function of nucleoside diphosphate kinase in insulin-secreting beta-cells under in vitro conditions of glucolipotoxicity.
Type 2 diabetes occurs when the beta-cells can t cope with the prolonged high glucose levels of some obese patients and so secrete less insulin.
1] In patients with type 2 diabetes, beta-cell death is increased and the number of beta-cells is reduced.
The researchers tried adding S961 directly to mouse beta-cells in the lab, but there was no observed effect.
Editor's Note: Authors Somlak Cheungsamarn and colleagues suggest that curcumin may prevent the progression of prediabetes to diabetes by maintaining healthy beta-cell function.
In patients with Type 1 diabetes, a malfunction in the body's immune system causes the destruction of insulin-producing beta-cells.
Through techniques of gene therapy and genetic engineering, the researchers have also been able to repair the defects in the PHHI cells, and now they hope to translate their discovery into the production of "super beta cells"-infinitely reproducible beta-cell lines that could be implanted into humans and have the potential to be resistant to autoimmune destruction.
In nondiabetics, pancreatic beta-cells produce insulin, the hormone that allows sugar to be burned as energy.
Without using an agent to block the autoimmune process, beta-cell differentiation and/or growth promoting agents will not be clinically effective because simultaneous regeneration of beta-cells and prevention of autoimmune reactions would not be realized.
Our study suggests that GATA6 plays a very important role in this process and we hope this will help the crucial work to try and make beta-cells for patients with type 1 diabetes," Andrew Hattersley from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, said.
New drug candidates that target the regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells are being developed, but previous methods could only measure pancreatic beta-cell mass by histology rather than the true regeneration rate of beta-cells, as KineMed's test achieves.
Unlike the hormone insulin, which is produced by beta-cells in the pancreas and maintains normal blood glucose levels, cortisol elevates blood glucose levels by driving glucose production in the liver, and inhibiting the uptake and disposal of glucose in muscle and adipose.