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At present, stem cell transplant is the only known cure for beta thalassaemia major.
The Department of Haematology at the Inkosi Luthuli Hospital now has between 4 000 and 5 000 gene carriers recorded, the majority of whom have beta thalassaemia.
In these cases investigation of other family members can provide important information regarding the inheritance and segregation of Hb E or beta thalassaemia alleles within the family.
It is also indicated in the EU for the treatment of chronic iron overload when desferrioxamine is contraindicated or considered inadequate in patients with other anaemias, children aged two to five years and patients with beta thalassaemia major with iron overload due to infrequent blood transfusions[6].
On the first attempt the foetus was found to have beta thalassaemia major and she had an abortion.
An unnamed British couple hoped a so-called "saviour sibling" would help their child, who has the life-threatening condition beta thalassaemia major, a form of anaemia leading to a lack of oxygen in the body.
The idea was that their IVF baby would be a bone marrow match for their son Zain, who suffers from a potentially fatal blood disorder, beta thalassaemia.
But two attempts to produce a baby to save their four year-old son Zain, who has the rare blood disorder beta thalassaemia, have failed.
The study demonstrated that series hereditary blood disorders (such as beta thalassaemia and Sickle Cell Disease) were prevalent in approximately 10 per cent of the newborn Omani babies.